Saturday, November 7, 2009

love etsy in times of cholera swine flu

Hello, friends, and welcome. Today, in an effort to escape the vile germage in my own home, I am going to take you on a fun, fun trip. And it is called WINDOW SHOPPING ON ETSY.

I know there are still a few of you who live under a rock haven't perused the glorious wonder that is Etsy. Some of you haven't even pulled your heads out of your keisters heard of Etsy.

For shame.

Once you discover Etsy, you will never need to shop at the local Tarzhay again. Especially when this happens. Except for, you know, toilet paper and borax.

Let us begin.

The top.

And also? I would like to know where that girl purchases her undergarments, because them's some perfect breasts, people. And that flat, flat belly. Someday, maybe she'll have four short people running around coughing like they have the consumption and will turn to the interwebs to sigh over the flat belly of some lovely young thing.

The skirt.

Except I can't have this skirt, because it's a reserve listing for someone else. I hope she loves that skirt. And also? I hope her ass looks just as smackable as the one on the girl in the picture.

The knee socks.

And also, I will take a pair of those calves. Just in case I ever purchase a pair of tall boots that don't fit over the ones I already have.

The boots.

I really like these, however, I really, really really reallyreallyreally like boots, and wish I had tons and tons of them, so any boots would have done quite nicely.

The necklace.

In sterling silver, not gold. I never actually wear gold. Yellow makes me look like a cadaver.

The bag.

I may have actually already purchased this bag. The Mister will tell you I have a problem with bags. But I haven't purchased one since my super amazing trip to Trader Joe's with my friend K from Philly, who some of you know as The Well-Read Hostess. She wrote a post the other day called I Kissed A Girl, and sadly, it wasn't about me.

Was that enough to distract you all away from the fact that I bought that bag? No? Dang.

The outerwear.

It's a babywearing poncho. Who knew there was such a thing? I totally need this thing because, hello, people, I am always tying that little fella on, and one of us ends up chilly. every. single. time.

Oh, Etsy.



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  2. Those boots are amazing!!

    I'm sorry to hear your home has been invaded by H1N1. It's amazing to me how fast that damn virus spreads. The whole hoopla over it is a little ridiculous. I hope it clears out of your house quickly!

  3. That top is beautiful (along with the rack inside it, glad it wasn't just me who noticed), only my size is a wee bit larger that that. And the bag? I'm shuddering with the restraint here.

  4. I LOVE Trader Joes. If only we didn't live in Austin, the home of Whole Foods....we will never see Trader Joes. Oh, and I love Etsy, too:)

  5. I like the skirt best. I would like to have it even, and there aren't many things I want to have. But the skirt? I would like to weat it. So good job shopping on Etsy because I can't even find something I like while shopping, and look- you found something I like while shopping. Cool.
    NO, I'm not drunk. Just tired, and that's like drunk for me.

  6. i love me some etsy. i could window-ish shop on there all day. except i have to work now.

    and your first comment. holy. boots to h1n1 and a tamiflu prescription. wow. random.

  7. I ogle this woman's stuff on Etsy:

    So cool! And so sorry that your kiddos have been overtaken by the flu.

  8. if you're a skirt lover check out Libby Dibby, they're reversible and! wrap so they are forgiving of, uhm, babies and holidays that might make you slightly bloated -

    she's a baby-wearer too! tell her I sent you, it keeps me in free shipping :)

  9. AHHH! I just shopped Etsy for the first time. Bad. I mean good, but BAD! I want a double headed poncho and we don't even need them out here, they just look so awesome! Thanks for the intro...


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