Monday, November 30, 2009

i have so many things to tell you, mah peeps

But I have neither the energy nor the brain power to recount all of the fabulousness that was last week.

Here are the things that will happen this week:
  1. ERGObaby review. Here. On this little bit of the blogoslovakia.
  2. Sleepy Wrap review and coupon code. Also here.
  3. Guest post at The Hotfessional. Link forthcoming.
  4. Pics of my new three year-old.
  5. Pics of my former maple trees.
Oh-- we got our pig today. HB calls it our Pig-Gi-Let. I call it DINNER. And it came to my house the only acceptable way: chopped up and wrapped in butcher paper. Our bacon and hams are in the smoker, and we'll get them as soon as they're done.

Fresh. Bacon. There's nothing like it.

And now I'm all distracted thinking about bacon.


  1. I am so jealous. You guys make the most wonderful stuff.

  2. ok. i chilled out. already. written in a moment of panic.
    can't wait to hear/see everything.
    bacon sounds good. but not after calling him piglet.
    i should be a vegetarian.

  3. Oh how I love fresh bacon...see you distracted me as well! Now I have to go make some too. But I agree that there is NOTHING like bacon from the pig. We are now bacon snots and only eat piggy fresh bacon. Gotta tell you, I love having a BIL who raises pigs and cows for us to eat...he is too good!! Enjoy your bacon..oh and other happiness.

  4. A new three year old? Did you trade in one of the kidlets? Or give birth to a 36-month-old? I gotta say, I liked the old one just fine. I can't help but think that trading in is a mistake.

  5. We are considering a pig now that we have successfully raised our own Thanksgiving dinner :).

  6. Blogoslovakia, that's near Germany or something, isn't it? I don't know, I'm all distracted by that bacon...

  7. I made bacon for breakfast this morning. The house was filled with good smells and glee . . .


  8. I'm distracted, too.



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