Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh gosh.

I have some things going on that I can't really address specifically here, and that's a totally crummy way of starting a post, but if you read me on a regular basis, you'll have noticed by now that I haven't been writing too much (right? you've noticed? and you miss me? right?)

And while the things I'm sorting through are unpleasantish, as sorting most often is, I'm just terribly grateful and overwhelmed by the blessings of my life.

So overwhelmed that the very thought of how blessed I am squeezes my heart so hard that I have to gasp just a little at the shock of it all. The shock of the realization that I am so blessed. The shock of the shock of it. The shock of the actual physical sensation of having my heart squeezed.

And I just love my people. I really, really do. They are just so sweet and lovely and edible, and they laugh these laughs that make it impossible to be cross with them for the charming, yet terribly naughty, things they say. And 75% of them poop in the toilet on a regular basis, and if you count me and The Mister in, the statistic jumps to 83.3% of us who poop in the toilet, and that's really the highest it's ever been. Since we've had the short people. Before that, we were at 100%.

The weather has been wretched, but we've been sitting in piles on my comfy red flowered sofa, under blankets, reading books, and playing songs on the drum and telling jokes like this...

Why did the cow cross the road?
It was the chicken's day off.

And it's not funny any more, but it sort of is.

We eat soup and play with friends and make presents and bird feeders by coating pinecones with peanut butter and millet. And we wait for Daddy to come home from work...his hours have been more wretched than the weather.

There is delight and contentment. Because that is what comes of counting your blessings.

because you should.
it's not just for cloth diapers.


  1. So we're living in parallel worlds at the moment, on both fronts. Massive blessings, and not particularly easy to discuss ISSUES to sort through. Ugh.

    So here is a shortlist (of blessings, not issues...):
    1. Your blog! Always a smile, even if it's a three sentence post.
    2. A family at our church anonymously paid our sons' preschool tuition for the year. Still speechless.
    3. The other end of the issues, I believe, will be a better place for us all.
    4. Parents were just out, and a good time was had by all.

    Hang in there...

  2. I have a blanket fort set up in my heart. Come on in, sit a spell...flying the prayer flags for you.

  3. I read something the other day and have applied it to my day..."To love is to see the face of God". You look at your kids a little different after that!

  4. I was a little worried about those stats. Thanks for clearing that up at the end.

  5. this reminds me to count my own blessings.

    best wishes with the sorting.

  6. I've been going thru stuff, too. Cheers.

  7. and maybe it's time that i sent my number on over to you ... 'cause it sounds like ... even though you are counting those blessings ... sometimes you just need to let it all out to someone who you don't know as well. but someone that still cares. check your email. thinking of you. wish i could help more.

  8. i noticed you weren't posting. and i missed you.

    your post makes my list of blessings!

  9. I hope all those things get worked out in a nice-ish way for you!

  10. i treasure your sweet words like gems.

  11. Maybe you need to meet me for a girls night out, instead of a girls day with the kids!!

    Anytime!! Michellek


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