Friday, December 11, 2009

sleepy wrap. 'tis nice.

Back before we had two feet of snow blowing around all crazy-like, back when the sun actually warmed the atmosphere (and don't even leave me a comment explaining thermal-blah-blah, because I'm not actually interested in what is actually happening)...

Back *then*, a little twittery-bird told me Sleepy Wrap was looking for bloggers to review their (FABULOUS) wraps. So I sent them an email, and they sent me and email, then I sent them an email and then they sent me an email. And a HOT green Sleepy Wrap.

Are you happy with my full disclosure, oh great and powerful Blog Review Czar-Dictators? Or whoever you are?

And because I'm all disclosing and stuff, I need to apologize to Sleepy Wrap, because I told them I'd have my review posted, like, two years ago. Or the first week of December. I'm sorry.


I love the Sleepy Wrap. And here's why:
  • Babywearing. Hi, have you met me? I wear my short people pretty much the same number of days I wear underwear. Or a little more frequently. You'll never actually know. There are so many reasons why babywearing is awesome, except blogger won't let me make subcategories with the button thingy, so I can't tell you. So check this out. And check this kid out because oh, my word. He's adorable.
two fingers = happy baby

  • The instruction manual. So. Stinking. Easy to understand. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!! I have another carrier, a soft-structured one that I'll just call the Blergo, a totally random name I just made up all by myself, and the instruction manual for that baby carrier resulted in several new words added to HB's vocabulary that are guaranteed to show up in a conversation with my mother-in-law, or during the children's sermon at church.
  • The colors. I like color. Sure, I pretty much wear black, and very nearly every room in my house is painted some variety of yellow, but I like color, especially on my baby carriers. There are so many choices, and honestly, I'm glad they chose for me. I love the green.
  • The family behind the product. They started their business whilst traveling the world. That, my friends, is the awesomesauce. And the list of family-focused organizations they support is LONG.
  • The support. I have a disc in my back that likes to pop out and cause me to hurt, and be unable to stand up and walk around... it is an unpleasant situation. I have worn Elliott, who now weighs about 20 pounds, for hours. And hours. And my back is fine. I can't say that for some other carriers I have tried, like the Blergo, for example. There have been times when I've worn my Sleepy Wrap without a child in it just because it supports my back so well and feels so comfortable. Lots of times, actually.
  • The sleeping baby. Dude loves it in the Sleepy Wrap. Dude loves to sleep in the Sleepy Wrap, too, but naturally I haven't taken a picture of Elliott sleeping in the Sleepy Wrap, because that would have been ten kinds of clever, and I am running a serious deficit on the clever scale this month.
see how his knees are bent?
this is a good thing.
no broken babehs here.

Possible improvements:
  • Length of the wrap. It is L.O.N.G. I'm not a petite mama, I'm 5'7"ish, and 160ish pounds, and I had to wrap the fabric around me more times than suggested in the directions in order to get the Sleepy Wrap tied snugly enough. I think a truly petite person, short and skinny, would feel like she was stuffed in a cotton envelope.
  • Back Carry Instructions. There were pictures of people wearing their babes on their backs in the literature, but there were no directions about how to do that. It would be really handy to put Elliott on my back when I'm kneading bread or making cheese or doing laundry.

Please notice how the list of things I love is WAY longer than the list of possible improvements.

The Sleepy Wrap is comfortable and supportive, and it is made by a company that is dedicated to helping families and conserving our natural resources. You can't beat that.


  1. Just make sure you don't accidentally knead Elliott into the bread, or turn him into a cheese. Oooh! He could be a wheel of Baby Swiss! Har! (Islay me!)

    Oh, btw, do they make those in adult sizes, too? I could use some carrying, just sayin'...

  2. see? this is exactly why i love you. (i hope your husband didn't read that ... remind him that i'm happily married most of the time and that i'm really not gonna try to steal him from you.)
    i wear mostly black but love color AND my house is mostly painted in yellows. see? we're meant to be friends.
    i'm going to have to check out that wrap. except that i'll probably remember that i wanted to check out that wrap in about 2-3 months and so i may have to come back and ask you what it was called again. 'cause that's just who i am.

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  4. I really needed one of these about five years ago. A lot.

    I will keep this in mind for gifts!

  5. This is a great site you have here. I just found it from a friend's page. I have a humor blog as well and I'd like to exchange links with you. This will spread some traffic around between us. Let me know if this is cool.

    HilariousHeadlines TALK

  6. dear jason from hilariousheadlines talk, that'd be swell.

    dear ig, you might be able to wrap this around a telephone pole or something and slip yourself in it, but with the weather this season, i'd not recommend that so much.

    dear jen, xoxoxoxo. that is all.

    dear jason who is my jason, they're rated up to 45 pounds. you could probably still put d in it.

  7. I wore mine in another brand that looks pretty much identical. I loved wearing my babies so much! And yeah, there is a ton-0-fabric. After 9/11 I saw a video of this guy trying to show how quick and easy you could put on a personal parachute to jump from a burning building and he got all tangled up and it took him a long time and he needed help...and one of my kids said, "that looks like you putting on the baby wrap thing...." so yeah...but comfy comfy comfy. It also took me awhile to get the hang of the back wearing. They key was to "train" the kid to hold on while I wrapped it around him. And that? Is the only kid training I've ever done.

  8. that wrap looks amazing.

    and you MAKE CHEESE? shut the eff up with all your awesome.


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