Wednesday, December 2, 2009

and then he was three.

Our darling surprise, HB, turned three this week.

how cute is that face?

His choice for a special birthday dinner?
Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

You know you're raising them right when they
choose your favorite foods for their birthday dinner.

And he made his own cake.
Because he wanted to be the one who got to lick the sticks.

Yes, I measured out the ingredients and
stood there the entire time,
and did hold the mixer once or twice,
but he did it all. by. himself.
And it was really, really good.

We bought him a drum.
It's quite possible he squeed when he opened it.

And The Mister and I made him a felt board.

We celebrated with family and friends, and it was just wonderful. One of these days, I will post a little video of HB laughing. Because that kid? Has the BEST. LAUGH. EVER. Everybody says so, and if everybody says it, it must be true, right?


  1. Ha! Cuteness unleashed. And I'm guessing that laugh is mondo cool. Happy Birthday to HB!

  2. happy birthday little guy!
    LOVE the drum.
    my husband would absolutely die to have a little boy that enjoys a drum.
    happy day mama, too!

  3. That is one awesome felt board! Is it hard to make? And one cute 3yo, too!

  4. Happy Birthday little guy!!!

  5. aww, happy birthday to you little one! awesome felt board.

  6. Happy belated Bday HB!!! He is so cute!


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