Tuesday, January 5, 2010

all the news that's fit to print. or something.

It's cold. Sometimes the Hateful Thermometer says things like 7 or 2, which are perfectly good numbers when strung TOGETHER, but alone? Before the wind chill is factored in?

Not. So. Much.

Also, we have the snow. Let's not pretend we're surprised by the snow. I know it's January. I'm quite aware of where I live. I just need taller boots.

By the way, if you have a tall and warm boot recommendation for me, please leave it in the comments. Bonus points for tall and warm and cute, but really I just need my toes to stay on my feet. They're threatening to hop off and move away. Extra bonus points for under $100.

Have I told you before how the tall people wear long underwear from October to April? It helps, that's why. We don't keep our house that warm. Two years ago, I was gagging on the price of natural gas whilst my children were running around the house practically na.ked. So we turned down the thermostat a couple of degrees a day, until the children stopped cavorting like jungle natives.

61 degrees. That's where the little arrow sits.

Now do you understand the long underwear situation Jason from California who gloats on his blog about his superb choice in location???

My long underwear is old, and the elastic is a little shot, and for a reason unbeknownst to me, the ass of pretty much every pair of undertrousers is completely enormous. Huge. Gigantic.

So I'm wearing a Bella Band to keep my undertrou in the up position. What's a Bella Band? you ask.

That stretchy white thing on those pregnant women is a Bella Band. I love things that multi-task. Also? It keeps my belly covered when I'm breastfeeding Sweets. Two thumbs up and back fat in check. And by "in check" I mean Closer To My Body Thereby Keeping Me Warmer.

At least that is what I'm telling myself.

And that is the news from Lake Daytonbegone, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.


  1. We live in Colorado and these are my go to snow boots:


    Waterproof and so warm I wear them without socks to and from work.

    That last sentence makes it sound like I WALK to work or something. Yeah, no. I do however walk to and from the mini.

  2. I hear ya about the snow and cold! Too much snow here and it is good to keep the thermostat down. Ours is set down low too (due to cost of propane) and we all do just fine! Electric heaters are cheaper here so occasionally we use them. When people come over, they bring their own slippers/hats/gloves/etc ;o)

    Keep warm in your cold house my friend and I am totally going to read all your comments for boots. I am in the market for a pair myself.

  3. i cannot fathom the 61 degree thermostat.
    we keep it at 70 during the day. at night 68. and sometimes in the morning i bump it up to 73.
    and boots? my sister gave me her hand me down uggs. i love them. they aren't waterproofish. but they are warm enough to keep my footsies warm without socks.

  4. Owing to my tremendous hot flashes and the side effects of the pain meds, this is the first year we are keeping the house set at 66 on a regular basis (in the winter). Everyone else is walking around in hats and sweaters, and I am still sweating up a storm.

  5. our house is also cold, I knew the basement play room was cold but I didn't realize it was 58 degrees - now there's a space heater down there. Apparently another cold snap is headed to CO. I am considering relocating myself and my offspring to LA or NOLA or FL - hurricanes be damned. However, come summer when the mercury says 90 and the humidity is 90 and I haven't even had my morning coffee I'll be wanting to be in dry CO. So, I'll just be true to my lazy self and stay here and complain. I am off to look at Jamie's boots though!

  6. I recently got a nice pair of high up, warm, comfortable boots, under $100 (99 to be exact) and even better they don't squish my "muscular" calves! They're also cute/professional looking, required for school dontcha know. They're made by BOC and I got them at DSW. Here' they are! http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?category=dsw12cat520004&prodId=193219

    Next up, for cute but not necessarily work appropriate, I'm going to make these for my wellies! http://sabbespot.blogspot.com/2010/01/tutorial-welly-warmers.html

  7. I checked out all of the links... I think I'm going to use the tutorial from JD's second link and make upcycled, felted wellies liners from wool sweaters. I'll let you know how it goes.

  8. I love making people feel guilty about being cold when it's not. When I get a call for a cold space at work and I tromp in there in full snow gear from plowing the parking lot to see that the thermostat reads 69 and the poor things are "freezing" I tell them I'll adjust it in the computer and promptly forget about it.


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