Friday, January 22, 2010

bossy's (no) book tour

We, as in MOI and LE MONSIEUR, are playing hostess and host to the one and only BOSSY as she traipses around and across the country all willy-nilly and whatnot.

We'll be descending on The Anchor Bar at a date and time to be determined by HRH BOSSY's schedule.

Y'all are invited, whether or not you have a blog. Just leave me a comment with your email address to let me know you want in. :cough:Director Lynda:cough:

Or, if you're a stalker, you may email me. Or talk to me at Brownies. :ahem:MK and company:ahem:


  1. I agree with Jen. Fancy like the beef and beer my kid wanted to leave for Santa one year.

  2. The Anchor Bar? Home of the original buffalo wings? I'm in! I'm in!

    I mean, if that's okay with you and Her Majesty. I may not have pedigree, but i can certainly play the Court Jester!

  3. it's like knowing someone famous. enjoy.

  4. OMG you get me - you really get me!!!! MK

  5. the anchor bar? really? meh.
    "original" wings are from the anchor bar...GOOD wings are from duffs!!!!



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