Thursday, January 21, 2010

hello, there, eyebrows.

I saw this post on Twitter, and found myself clicking through without giving it another thought. First, because we are not cutesy private part naming people over here, and secondly, because it is BIG FUN to laugh about (read: at) people who do actually call their vagina a COOCHIE-SNORCHER or HAMBURGER.

Oh, yes, my friends, they're out there.

I watched the video. But something was distracting me. I wasn't listening to the yammerings of the Big Cheese Bloggers.

It was the BLACK CATERPILLARS OF DEATH that were hanging over Dooce's eyes. They reminded me of the Death Eaters in Harry Potter.

So I give you: Dooce's Boy Haircut and The Black Caterpillars of Death. And also funny and stupid names for a vagina.

Private Parts: Do You Have Cutesy Names for Them?

What do you call your parts? And do not even tell me you call it your Black Caterpillar of Death or I will come to your house and barf on you.


  1. This is one fine tame post, Missy! I'll just tell you a conversation I overheard in the bathroom many years ago (between 2 kids who were 4 and 2 at the time - now old enough to be totally pissed about my comment). Went like this:
    "Sissy, where's your peanut?"
    "I don't have a peanut. Girls have anginas."

  2. Well I USED to call it the Black Caterpillar of Death until today when my bikini waxer went a little CRAZY.

  3. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat a cheeseburger with a straight face.


    Anyone for some of the ol' twig and berries? :)

  4. It's simple. I have a she-pee. He has a he-pee. And flash. Have you SEEN my brows? It's manditory in Utah to have dark, heavy eyebrows. Don't hate on the sister wives. We will convert you. Then, we will pencil in those brows...

  5. Your blog is really funny, I love this post. I have a 5 month old and I have no idea what we'll do. My parents used a sound, like your enh enh. So, that's no help. We'll probably just say pee pee.

  6. i have always used the correct anatomical names but the funniest slang i have ever heard for the vagina is.....wait for it......
    "the bearded lady". yes.

  7. oh, dear amber saffo, i know you're new here, and i'm so glad you stopped by, but that thar thang ain't no pee pee. do your kid a favor and call it by the proper name.


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