Monday, January 25, 2010

seven on twenty-five. and also two on twenty-five.

At seven:seventeen, seven years ago, Miss O poked her head out of my...

No. Do-over.

At seven:seventeen, seven years ago, Miss O came flying out of my...

Probably not that, either.

She's seven today, and sweet Lord in Heaven, that makes me the kind of giddy that starts out awesome and then makes my stomach turn a little bit queasy with the knowledge that YES, SHE'S THAT OLD, AND SO AM I.

She made a very simple, yet completely specific request for her birthday, and that is how we are spending today. Maybe tomorrow I'll post the picture of her Birthday Dessert.


  1. Seven! Happy birthday, Miss O!

  2. happy seven dear olivia!
    can't wait to see the birthday dessert. yum.

  3. Weird to have a 7 year old isn't it? Grace turned that one over on the 17th. Hope she did indeed have a great day!


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