Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dear lady karma, part deux

Dear Lady Karma,

Listen you horse-toothed slut, I freaking apologized, snd what do I get? AN ENTIRE HOUSEFUL OF BARFING PEOPLE, including myself. This is not cool.

So here's my new bottom line:

Bring it, bitch.

Take that,


  1. I hope Lady Karma comes begging your forgiveness very soon! And I hope she brings the good pharmaceuticals and takes care of the copay while she's at it. It's the least she could do.

  2. So. I was totally wrong when I said you could only go up from a double whammy barf at someone else's house. Damn. Barf just sucks.

  3. Nobody squirts from both ends like an 18 year-old boy. At least we're doing it one at a time.


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