Monday, February 22, 2010

tap, tap

Is this thing on? Because from my TRULY AMAZING AND WONDERFUL POSTS OF LATE you might think it, ummmm, wasn't.

So for everyone out there wondering what in God's name I've been up to, here's a little list.

  1. baking bread
  2. schooling mah shorties
  3. directing a play
  4. barfing
  5. cleaning up barf (x6)
  6. laundry
  7. diapers
  8. ear infections (x9 ears)
  9. making 300 meatballs last Saturday
  10. church stuff
  11. knitting two pairs of socks
  12. filling orders from my Etsy shop
  13. not mailing orders from my Etsy shop
  14. watching the Olympics
  15. playing ninety-eleven games of Uno with Wee Man
  16. watching Wee Man throw a temper tantrum for the half of the ninety-eleven games of Uno he didn't win
  17. feeding chickens
  18. feeding children
  19. tweeting about dirty snowboarding with the Steenk
  20. nursing the baby during the day
  21. nursing the baby during the night
  22. being a human teether
  23. not reading blogs
  24. eating scrambled eggs, sausage and salsa wrapped in tortillas
  25. holding baby with RSV
Yeah. It's been awesome. But it'll be better. It had better be better.


  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. Happened to me...

    But that's better than the opposite. 'Cause when blogging gets in the way of life, you know your priorities are all screwed up.

  2. it'll get better ... spring is just around the corner.
    spring. and flowers. and gardening. and warmth.
    those things make it all better.

  3. i was ok with the whole three children thing until they all got sick at the same time....then...? not so much. hope all are healthy soon!

  4. Oy. How about some fresh ground cumin? The aroma helped me (and was blogworthy, at that)!

    Spring will be here, it will...

  5. Who escaped with only one infected ear? Or do you live with Vincent Van Gogh?

  6. Wowzer! Busy busy lady. Like Jen said though, spring is coming. Spring brings happy sunny times.

  7. Good god you need some spring time. Enough w/the house of ill! Begone from the Daytons!

  8. 300 MEATBALLS! Yep, that is the one that got me :)

  9. You had me at meat balls. But also soap nuts. Yeah, I'm not letting THAT joke go anytime soon.

  10. Well, first I read that you were a human TETHER...

    And I honestly don't know which is worse.


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