Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it was supposed to be date night here.

Because I am a lah-dee-dah/fiddle-dee-dee sort, and amazingly talented, I was in the lah-dee-dah/fiddle-dee-dee choir in college.

Yes, I went to college.

And graduated.

With a degree.

That verysame college still has that verysame choir, with the not-so-much verysame members, and the fancy choir came to Buffalo to put on a concert for alumni and potential recruits. Miss O and I decided to attend, and yes, that does mean Sweets was coming along, too.

Except this morning, Wee Man and HB decided that there was nothing in the world that could possibly satisfy them or make them grow up to be Useful Members Of Society, as attending this concert would.

I don't even know if that last sentence makes any sense, mostly because I got no sleep last night.

So I called The Mister at lunch and told him it was his lucky day and we were all going to drive for hours to watch a choral concert, and let me tell you, he was jumping up and down, squeeing like a girly-ass blogger. OR NOT.

And then, after dinner, we all piled into the vehicle and drove and drove, and the kids made weird noises and caused the baby to scream with delight and The Mister was so ecstatic he was practically doing a jig right there in the passenger seat. OR NOT.

We walked into the venue, and the first person we saw was my work-study boss from the Admission Office, because I was *that*girl in college, and the second person we saw was my former fiance's wife. And apparently she's still in high school, because when my former boss introduced us Wifey stopped being Lil Mrs. Friendly Pants and turned into Scowl-Eyes McGee. Because clearly we needed to be introduced, Hi! I used to screw your husband... you know, before he was your husband... but you already knew that... this isn't awkward AT ALL!!!! Is it really true that he gave you the same ring he gave me? I've always heard that, but I thought he had a little more sense than that.

The trip was going just. freaking. awesome.

During the first song, I was in the bathroom with all three boys.

During the second song, Wee Man and HB were standing on the little Catholic kneeling thing. And talking. In the ear of the guy in front of us who was videotaping his daughter's concert.

After the second song, The Mister took the big boys outside.

After the third song, Miss O burst into tears and cried to go home.

What was I thinking.


  1. Well, I'm sorry that didn't work out.
    But your misfortune was (in this case) a wonderful source of amusement for me.


  2. I can't get the image of Wee Man and HB whispering in that guy's ear out of my head. And a run in with the ex's wife? Sister, this is the exact plot of a 90210 episode. The original series. Not the one with all those skinny girls that's on now. Pleaseohplease let The Mister post HIS version of the event. I would love to hear his take on the concert!

  3. Another episode of the Awesome Adventure of the Dayton Family! Love it!

  4. Are you sure that wasn't a piano recital? 'Cause Ellie was a guest artist at a faculty recital on Tuesday and I could swear you guys were sitting behind us :)

  5. the full version was even better than the text.
    sorry though. it's still just plain sucky.

  6. P.S.: Did you SEE the dream The Mister had? I'm almost positive he already told you about it, but as the new Jon and Heather Armstrong Blogging couple, who knows? You might not communicate because it will "waste your flava".

  7. I really have no idea what to say except:


    Why would you subject yourself?

    Oh, and DID he give her the same ring? What a dipsh!t.

  8. Well, you were thinking, "I'll try," and then they had to go and poop all over your trying.

    I've yet to encounter a current significant other of one of my exes (because they all live far far away, yippee!) but I have encountered one of my husband's former girlfriends, and let me tell you, I was all like, 'Yeah, I'm the only one screwing him now, beyotch,' but I did keep it inside my head. See? I'm maturing.

    (Also, I want to know if you can make those herbal sacks you put in the microwave? For tummy aches and headaches and such? Send me an email if you can, and what they might cost for materials and shipping. Because I'd buy them from you!)

  9. so did he? give her the same ring?


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