Tuesday, May 13, 2008

cake, please!

Today is my birthday. And here is the good news for me: I am not feeling older.

Here is the bad news: It has been my birthday for fifteen (15) hours now, and there has been no cake.

Here is some more good news:

This is my bestest present ever! We got a very good deal on it that included the body, the 18-70mm lens and the crazy powerful zoom lens. And I got the salesman to throw in a nice, padded neckstrap for free. The receipt said the price was $0.01, but I'm just going to put that penny somewhere else and call it free.

It takes lovely pictures.

It does help to have gorgeous subjects to photograph, though, I must admit. Aren't they lovely? And that smiling guy? Yeah. Mine.

But if you bring me cake, I'll let you ogle, and I'll pretend I'm not even noticing your drool. Maybe I'll even let you hold my baby. You would need to bring really good cake for that.

Here's an aside: We went to the grocery store today for chicken breasts (hopefully not the kind grown in a Petri dish), and Olivia kept telling me over and over We are not eating dinner at home. We are eating at church. To which I replied, Dude, it is my birthday and I want some chicken cooked on the grill and some tossed salad, and that is what is being served at my house, so if you want to go to church and forage for food, suit yourself. This was not my initial reply, or even the reply given after half an hour. But an hour into the "you're not making dinner tonigh/yes, I am/well just bring the chicken to church if you want it so bad" (yes, that was O, there, busting out with the attitude) conversation, that is what I said. Because really, I want some grilled chicken.

Later she told me that there was some sort of surprise going on for somebody, but she wasn't saying who the surprise was for, or what the occasion was. Hmmmm.....this is me, not guessing. I just hope there's cake.

P.S. I invite you, whoever you are, to leave me a little happy birthday comment. Even if I don't actually know you and you think it would be weird, leave me a note. Because I know you're out there. I'm getting lots of hits from cities around the world every day, and many of these cities keep popping up again and again. And I'm dying to know who you are. We could play six degrees of separation. It would be fun. Especially for me. And it's my birthday, so throw me a bone. Or comment. Or cake.


  1. happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!
    aaahhh beautiful digital camera...I want I want

  2. Consider this virtual cake!! I'm virtually oogling the camera (Green with Envy..only the good kind of course!! The photos are great. I wondered if that was your prezzie, after yesterday's change.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Karen, Miles and CR

  3. Happy Birthday Pamela!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday my Sweet. Three dinners out and two home-type parties aren't enough I think. Maybe you need to have an un-birthday party in November.

    The Mister

  5. Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn't think of it when I saw you at MOPS yesterday!!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday- I know I'm a bit late- but birthdays last a long time with me. So Happy Birthday.


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