Friday, May 2, 2008

fuzzy, fuzzy, funky. like daddy.

So this happened last Friday. It was a week ago that I got me some boys. Well, I had the actual boys, but now they look like boys. Real live little boys. No more babykins. I think NumberOneSon runs faster now. And HB, well, he seems to be falling down a lot more. But I can't explain that.

He's ready. This is going to be good.

What is that buzzing in my head?

Put that tongue away before it gets carpeted.

Is it a little scary that the fella with the clippers has a finger injury? And what is with the extreme mullet?

That's a pleased little man right there.

But wait...there's more...

Oh no, NOT THE BABY!!!!!!

Oh yes. Yes, the baby, too.

HB: What is this fascinating little tube with this fascinating little cap?

And by the way, I would like to point out the spectacular tan I have achieved by hanging my laundry on the clothesline. Also feel free to be distracted by the tan so that you do not notice the completely un-clever expression on my face. Tan. Tan. TAN!!!!!

I am completely ignoring you tall people and that buzzing thing in your hand.

Ummm, guys? What are you doing to me?

Note the hesitant smile and outrageously adorable dimple.

Tip me over and pour me out! Dang, I never knew getting my hair cut would be so much fun!

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  1. too sweet!
    i just adore their little buzz cuts!!


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