Sunday, May 4, 2008

i will be older next tuesday

Mother's Day is 1 week from today. My birthday is two days later. This situation is similar to those people whose birthdays are unfortunately close to Christmas. Except for those who don't actually celebrate Christmas, but I digress. Mother's Day and My Birthday have coincided before, and will again, I am sure.

I have compiled a small list of items that I would love to have,
but most likely will not.

Store-bought birthday cake.

I know I can make better cake than the store, but oh, how I love store-bought cake.

An iPod.

It would be especially useful for listening to music in the car, even more so now that NumberOneSon has permanently damaged my CD player by cramming 13 CDs in a single player.

Thanks, man.

A pressure cooker.

To facilitate the consumption of more beans, and also rice.

And beans and rice.

An improved clothesline situation.

Or a new clothesline. I am flexible.

A digital SLR camera.

With fancy lenses.

A pile of manure.

No, really. I want a big, crusty pile of poo for my garden.


Because who doesn't want some of those?


  1. Poop, you can have all you want... but I'm not buying you diamonds again until the children are older.

    The Mister

  2. "A pile of manure.

    No, really. I want a big, crusty pile of poo for my garden."

    Would rabbit poo doo? We have rabbit poo a plenty.

    They do say that rabbit poo makes very nice fertilizer though.

  3. I would love some rabbit poo. I think you probably have enough to fertilize my lettuce bed. If you want to actually ride in a car with rabbit crap for two hours, then please do bring your sack of $h*t to my house. xoxo


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