Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hot dogs, mac and cheese, magic

You never can tell what those shortykinses will come up with. We were just sitting at the kitchen table, eating lunch like normal people, when the Great Debate Regarding The Authenticity Of All Things Magic, Including Our Lunch Menu And The Tooth Fairy began.

Mama: There is something so very good about hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

Olivia, with zeal: It's the best!

Olivia's BFF: It's so good it's magic.

Mama: Magic. Hmmm. I never thought about it like that before.

BFF: Oh, it is magic. Just like Santa and The Tooth Fairy. (BFF has already lost teeth. She's dentally advanced, that one.)

Olivia: The Tooth Fairy isn't magic. The Tooth Fairy is just pretend.

Mama, staring at O with a horrified look, mouths: Stop!

BFF: No, Olwivia. The Tooth Fairy is REAL!

O: Come on, your parents just tell you that so you get excited. Magic is fun to pretend, but it's not real.

BFF, not persuaded by O's logical take on things: No, she's real. She left me really real money.

Jack and BFF's little sister, chanting like sing-songy monkeys: Money, money, money, money...

O: Well, maybe The Tooth Fairy gave you your parents' money. Or your parents gave you The Tooth Fairy's money.

BFF: The Tooth Fairy gave me her own lots of money.

Mama: Anybody want some more magic mac and cheese? Or a hot dog? They're magic for sure, and really real, too.

O, staring at me like I am completely crazy, actually says nothing.

BFF: See, Olwivia. Even your MOM thinks magic is real. So it is.

Jack and BFF's Little Sister: I want more hot dogs! I want more macawoni!

BFF: Now let's talk more about That Tooth Fairy.

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