Saturday, May 24, 2008

they gave her money

...for Preschool Graduation, and she bought a Webkinz.

Please be advised that I am biting my tongue regarding the following topics:
  1. Preschool Graduation
  2. Webkinzes (webkinzi?)

(let's pause for a moment, whilst I bite away....still biting...)

Okay, I'm back. Tonight I had the pleasure of putting each of my children to bed, one at a time, thanks to a lovely Child Delivery System carried out by The Mister's parents. Let me explain, no, that take too long, let me sum up (name that movie): HB and I came home, Jacks came home with Grandpa, O came home with Grandma...and now I blog.

I asked O what she named her black Webaddictionkinz, and she said this:

Blackberry. Because he sparkles on the outside of him like a sparkly blackberry. I call him Black Sparkleberry, because his coat is so shiny sparkley. He just glistens. Black Glisten Sparkleberry. Or just Sparkleberrycoats for short. Or Sparkleblack. SparkleBlackBerry. I want to sleep with you tonight because when Jack is asleep and I am not do you know what I hear? I hear him snore. And I just cannot sleep when I am awake listening to him snore. And you and me don't snore, you and I, we don't. Just Daddy and Jacks. Henny doesn't snore (to which I raised my eyebrows). Oh, he does snore? It must just be stinky boys that snore. Not us girls. So I'll just sleep right here with you.

That is some train of thought. Maybe mine would run a little better if I had more water and juice and less of this. The first one on the list. I've had a few tonight. But I worked really hard today. I'll show you the pictures tomorrow.


  1. princess bride.
    bye bye boys, have fun storming the castle...

  2. it'll take a miracle.

  3. Pamela, you have a knack for making me laugh. I like beer. You can come to Rorhbach's with me.


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