Monday, May 5, 2008

monday evening, alone

My back is once again killing me, and the Mister was kind enough to kick me out of the house whilst he filed the short people away to their respective night-time holding pens. I went out to "walk it off" like a tough guy. Walking didn't exactly fix my back, but the time alone was glorious. I feel much better about things in general.

One of the supercool things about my town is that one of our neighbors, who passed away a few years ago, gave almost every homeowner in the village a flowering crabapple tree. This man loved my town, raised his family here, and left so much more of a legacy than just the trees. The first week of May is my favorite week of the year, because the trees bloom. It is breathtaking to drive down our (two) streets and see one gorgeous tree after another. They look and smell absolutely amazing. These trees have a subtle, yet intoxicating scent, and the air is steeped with flowering crab. It's divine.

Here are some of the beautiful things I saw tonight.

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