Sunday, August 8, 2010

birthday boy

Wee Man turned five.

sweet smile

somewhat excited about the hot wheels

Miss O picked him an Easter basket full of apples.
Dude loves him some apples.
Again, somewhat excited.
About A CARD.
Kid is awesome.

He called this a spring.
What is this slinky?
I know no slinky.

This boy?  Is fantastic. 
Bean soup was his request for birthday dinner.
With bacon AND ham.
Because how can you choose?  They're both the best.
Milkshakes with every kind of fruit for dessert.
And also cake, don't forget the cake.

And the face.
Don't forget that face.


  1. Awesome! All that and a cool hat!

    Plus: bean soup for birthday dinner = goodness.

    Happy Birthday to Wee Man!

  2. Five is awesome, buddy, live it up!

  3. happy five, wee man!
    (and that excited face? a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.)

  4. Can you believe our kids are a whole hand??
    Happy Day to you too, Lady.

  5. Five is a BIG DEAL. Does he get a side of Kindergarten to go with it? Or is that on his list for next year?

  6. This is what I get for taking a vacation, I miss Wee Man's B-Day.
    Please forgive me little man.
    Happy belated birthday.


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