Wednesday, August 11, 2010

list for a wednesday

  1. brush teeth
  2. make coffee
  3. rub Henry B's back
  4. clean Elliott's backside
  5. feed the short people
  6. warm coffee
  7. put clean diapers and wipes in bag
  8. get the heck out of dodge
and maybe a few other things between #7 and #8.  like DRINK COFFEE.  naturally.
but the van is packed with peaches and rhubarb and bread and things and stuff, and we are flying toward #8.


  1. Change of venue can be good for everyone. Come here! I'll rub HBs back for you.

  2. Huzzah! Enjoy your 'out of Dodgeness!' Woot!

  3. I wasn't aware that you lived in a Dodge. Toyotas are a bit roomier. Especially the vans.


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