Thursday, August 26, 2010

i shot a wedding.

cake topper
between that and canning? i'm swamped.
i miss you.  and you. and you.
yep, you, too.
how are you?


  1. i already told you i missed you earlier.
    and i'm not even canning.

  2. I was just at a wedding on Saturday and was speaking with the photographer about her Business. She gave me tons of advice for shooting a function. I'm doing a Family Reunion in October. She was very helpful.
    Will you be able to share some of your pictures taken at the wedding? Was it stressful? I'll check back with for the answer.
    Hope that you can relax soon.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. You're a busy gal! I'm okay, just all tired. In fact, I think I'll sit here on the couch and suck my thumb. Oh, and nap :)

  4. Come back and tell us about your shoot.

  5. Cannot WAIT to hear all about the photos AND the canning - going through withdrawal. ;)

  6. Where do you find the energy? Because if I had a quarter of it, I'd be in much better standing with the world.


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