Monday, November 15, 2010

some (more) items for your consideration

  • (file under: thumbs down) One of my darlings climbs in bed with me every morning.  It is always the verysame darling, and it is always after The Mister has gotten up and gone to work.  I usually sleep on my left side, probably because I've been pregnant for a hundred years.  So the Sleep Ninja Darling cuddles up behind me, but instead of The Spooning, I get The Very Cold Toes Curled Over The Back Of My Pajama Pants.  You can't even call this Karma, because I have not given The Mister the cold feet treatment in almost ten years.
  • (file under: der)  I have been going down into the Closet of Canning Bliss and Euphoria which is located in my Not Actually Euphoric Basement on a daily basis to retrieve jars of tomatoes and tomato sauce for my daily cooking.  Today, I was ABSOLUTELY FLOORED to discover that I had an entire shelf of home-canned tomato product IN MY ACTUAL KITCHEN.  The current spread is 5:1 that I do not remember this next time I am in need of home-canned tomato product.
  • (file under: SQUEE) Four free turnips for me.
  • (file under: we'll see)  HB will turn four in about two weeks from now.  That means I am ::THISCLOSE:: to having survived 75% of my children being age three.  And then I will have a 16 month respite until Elliott turns three. 
  • I should probably apologize for my excessive use of the Eff Word in this here post from the other day.  Sorry.  It was completely intentional on my part, and they totally, and intentionally earned those eff bombs.  But it did earn me huge traffic was still inappropriate.  
  • (file this under: get it done) Because of the Impending Birthday, HB got a letter from the ACORN or APPLE or BEECHNUT group at the public school telling him he gets to pick out a brand new book from the Elementary School Office.  Which means that I have to do my (past due) quarterly homeschool report for Miss O.  And also complete the paper that outlines the things we plan to do for the year.
  • (file this under: get a kleenex) Do you read Fever? You should, and not only because I said so, but because Lora has This Way About Her and you will love her.  Start with the 11.11.2010 post.  I'd link it but I can't figure that one out at the moment.  But I trust you know how to Do The Scrolling Down, yes?   Excellent.  You're welcome.
  • and finally. (file this under: it's about time, for crying out loud and also Pete's sake) There was one night this week that I did not get out of bed to go and fetch the nursling.  It was amazing.


  1. It's about time indeed. Hope you have a few more of those nights in the near future.

  2. My 2yo likes to stick his toes just inside the elastic waist band on my pants. Drives me insane.

    And yay! Sleep. It's awesome, isn't it?

  3. you've been busy! I got to quote your A post tonight for class. Can you believe that out of 30 would be librarians less than 5 knew of this criminal??? Hellooooo librarians (even those with training wheels) I love the first amendment, but do you put this on your shelf??? AB SO Freakin Lutely NOT!!!!


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