Tuesday, November 16, 2010

yes. it's another breastfeeding in the hospital post. but this time? two thumbs UP.

My baby is sick.  He's had a wicked high fever for way too many days now, and sounds like a phone-sex-worker when he breathes.  So naturally I took him to the doctor to run a battery of STD tests.

No, I did not actually do that.   Seriously, people.

I did take him to the doctor, but there was only talk of his insistence on remaining febrile (that means HAVING A FEVER FOR A LONG TIME) and gross poop and how much motrin is too much motrin and how many days can you be on that junk all in a row before your 19 month old liver takes a hike.  Et cetera.

She seemed puzzled, because, well, all of the pieces do not make a ton of sense.  And this is not a HOLY CRAP WE'RE FREAKING OUT sort of thing, this is a baby's been sick for too many days with no real and permanent sign of improvement sort of thing, so we are consulting the experts.

Anyway.  I'm getting there.  The doctor ordered a chest x-ray and some blood tests.  The chest x-ray involved Elliott sitting on a chair and holding still, which was totally easy for him because A) he's totally advanced; B) I helped; and C) kid hasn't moved on purpose since Thursday, I think.

The blood tests involved a sharp needle jabbed slid into his arm and lots of crying.  The poor phlebota... phleboto... needle jabber was so lovely and sorry.  And no, I didn't *make* her sorry.  She just was.

Because of all the crying, I took Elliott back into the waiting room and he nursed for a while.  We were the only people in the waiting area, which was nice, because Elliott was kind of a mess.  

And.  While we sat there, four hospital employees stopped what they were doing to check on us.  

Can I help you?  
Did the doctor ask you to wait for test results?
Has someone taken care of you?

Yes, we're fine,  I said.  I am breastfeeding him because he was very upset about the blood draw.

This is the point of the conversation where I expected a little tension.  Would they be embarrassed that I was doing The Things And Stuff with my breasts? Would they say something they shouldn't and then I would have to Handle It Blogger Style?

These employees?  Fantastic. Didn't bat an eyelash.  Take your time!  I hope he's feeling better soon.  Are you comfortable?  Is there anything else you need?

This little hometown hospital doesn't always get the best press.  You know how it is, do something good and nobody remembers; do something bad and nobody forgets.  Here's a little good press.

Thank you.  Thank you to the people who checked on us.  Thank you for not making the squidgy EEEEEWWWW face when I said I was breastfeeding my toddler.  Thank you for acting like it was no big deal, even if it was kind of a big deal for you to see a woman breastfeeding.  Thank you to the people in charge of this hospital, who have CLEARLY educated their staff in customer care and breastfeeding rights.  Thank you for having a Lactation Consultant on staff (and available at all hours! even on a Sunday morning from her sofa!!!).  

The last thing I wanted to deal with today was some ignoramus saying something stupid about me caring for my really sick baby.  And I didn't have to do that.  Gold star. 


  1. Gold star and the win. That's good to hear, and I hope the lad is on the upswing. Thinking good thoughts for you and yours!

  2. You're right, two thumbs way up, and love and kisses to the sick baby.

  3. love to hear it.
    but not the sickies part.
    take care of the poor boy. and let me know if you need anything.

  4. yeah for breastfeeding support! boo for sick babies.

  5. i like hearing about the good stories too. nice work.

  6. Hmmm. Long time sicky no good. So. Get some olive leaf extract and start taking some mega doses so the little guy gets some in your milk.
    And then, we may see some improvement there.
    (It worked here.)

  7. How's your little guy? Oh, the heartbreak of the sick kiddos.

    But really, kudos for positive breastfeeding experiences, you know, in a friggin' hospital where this kind of feeding should be more than encouraged.

  8. Oh, I hope he's feeling better. It's definitely no fun being sick - whether you're 19 months or...well, older. :-)


    And yes, smaller hospitals rawk.

  9. Handle it blogger style! Ahaha!
    But, really, I'm sorry to hear about your little man. Sounds awful. I hope he gets well quickly. You seem to be handling it well; I'd be a hot mess. In fact, I AM a hot mess because my 4 y/o woke up this morning & told me he has a sore throat. I'm such a weenie.


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