Sunday, August 3, 2008

fun giveaway...

The gals over at The Secret is in the Sauce are sharing the secret... and giving away a SWEET Apple 4G silver iPod Nano. And all I have to do to win is tell y'all here on myveryown blog.

And then the next thing I have to do is be chosen by the Random Number Generator... whatever, no big deal, I totally know this guy in Vegas who has those sorts of things all figured out. Just last week, he and a few friends figured out a way to get the security codes of a few casinos owned by the guy who is dating his ex-wife, and then he figured out a way to break in to the casinos' shared vault, and even made some tiny explosion happen that tripped the power for the whole city just long enough to get the whole caper carried off. It was awesome. Then he and his pals just WALKED OUT OF THE CASINO with the money, bazillions of dollars, really, in giant black duffel bags.

So Random Number Generator? Whatever. I am totally the winner.

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