Thursday, August 21, 2008

saying goodnight

After laying CutiePieDimpleHead in his cribby, because that's what the child calls it, people, I refuse to add the diminuitive -y ending to a diminuitive bed, I tucked Wee Man into the top bunk.

Give me a kiss goodnight, Wee Man.


Well, may I give you a kiss?


Why not?

My teeth are shiny.

Alright, then. See you tomorrow.


  1. His logic is pretty rock solid. I don't kiss anyone when my teeth are shiny either. My daughter's excuse for not kissing me? She ran out of them! Who was she kissing? Why did they take them all? When will she have more?

  2. That's funny!

  3. Love your commentary on your precious ones! I found you on PWs website and decided to check in. You do have a way with words! And all of us who are parents can relate to your total honesty!
    Love it...I'll be back for more!
    Terry in Indiana

  4. I wish my teeth were shiny.

  5. Looks like Wee-Man inherited your enthusiasm for dental hygene.


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