Saturday, November 22, 2008

meme-a-licious, yes i am

I must be cheaper than junk at a garage sale, what with the number of times I've been tagged lately. Seriously.


And because Dory wants to get to know me better? Dory? Are you thinking clearly? I am a bit of a wack job sometimes, and I'm crazynutty pregnant which only exacerbates the situation.

See the rules? They're over there. On the right.

Here are my seven weird facts. They might be random, I'll leave it to you to decide.

Factoid Numero Uno: I wear long underwear from the end of October until late April, sometimes even early May. Because I'm ALWAYS COLD, that's why.

Factoid Numero Dos: I would like to live way out in the country, on a little farm, and be a hermit. The only thing standing in my way, besides, you know, loving where I live and stuff, is well water. I hate well water.

Factoid Numero Tres: I bite my nails when I am stressed. But I did manage to have super sweet nails for my wedding.

Factoid Numero Quatro: I stopped vomiting when I was four. I hate vomiting so much that I willed myself to never vomit again. Then? I went to college. The end.

Factoid Numero Cinco: I got glasses when I was in the second grade. They were GINORMOUS. I hated them. My mother made me get the biggest ones they made because if they're bigger, you see better out of them. She completely missed the part where the optician told her about there being one place, smaller then the size of a dime that is the part you can actually see the best. And then I wasn't allowed to get contacts until I was a junior in high school. Oh, but when I did? My life improved so drastically. And that is the truth.

Factoid Numero Seis: The smell of eggs and onions makes me gag. It might just be the pregnancy, but every Sunday, I have to go away whilst the Mister makes his lunch. I just can't deal with the odor.

Factoid Numero Siete: I aced high school Spanish, but I nearly failed Spanish Diction class in college, because the dialect they tought in college was Castilian, and instead of the S sounding like an S, it sounds like a TH. So Castilian = CaTHtilian. It darn near killed me.

Tag-ees: I'll pick a few NaBloPoMo peeps to help them out.
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Go ye, and meme the world!


  1. Long underwear is SO uncomfortable.

  2. Well water tastes different everywhere, depending on where you live. In a good area it tastes better than the bottled stuff.

    --a rural hermit

  3. The egg thing I completely understand, I can't stand the smell of scrambled eggs when I'm pregnant, It smells like a wet dog to me! Makes me gag even thinking about it!

  4. "I am a bit of a wack job sometimes, and I'm crazynutty pregnant which only exacerbates the situation. "

    -- understatement if the year. Love ya sis.

  5. I am 100% with you on the cold thing. It's why I sleep in socks from September - June.

  6. Dang! I've done this one!!

    Thanks for the shout out though!!!

  7. 2. OMG, I grew up in the country and practically the best thing about it is the water. I loooove well water!

    4. I WISH. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I will; Friday night I drank too much and barfed on Saturday morning. Once, on my own feet.

    Thanks for playing along!!!


  8. I laughed and laughed about the glasses - sounds like my mom's reasoning at work too.

    I'm tugging at my collar just thinking about long underwear..under you clothes? really? As in TWO clausterphobically wrinkled,crinkled, hot as hell, scratchy layers? interesting.


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