Monday, November 3, 2008

nabloblahblah, day three: in which i link up to link back to myself

There is this thing called the Perfect Post Award. There are these bloggers, Kimberly from Petroville, and Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil (best blog header EVAH!, by the way, and I also have to say this: that woman is hawt!), who started this whole monthly shindig a while ago. Each of them choose a post they have read from the previous month that really moved them. As time went on, more bloggers joined in the fun. Because the only thing better than comments? Is being stroked all lovey-style by the interwebs.

And this month? Ree picked me.

Which post? you ask as if you are actually interested in re-reading old postage.

This one. And yes, the comments are still open. So if there's anything you haven't gotten off your collective chests, go ahead and let it rip. Again.

You can go over there to read all the nice things she said about me, if you like. I will tell you a teensy little secret: I've had kind of a rough day, so I just have her page open, and keep refreshing the comments because it is making me feel better. It's all about honesty over here. Kind of like I'm descended from George Washington or something. Or was it Lincoln?

Doesn't matter...because now I'm distracted by All Things Presidential.

Which brings me to my final point:


It's supposed to be 71 degrees and sunny in Western New York tomorrow, so y'all don't have any weather-related blizzardistic excuses to keep you from getting cozy in a booth. I'm getting cozy with Miss O in my voting booth. I choose the lever, she gets to pull it down. I get to open the curtain, she gets the "I VOTED" sticker. It's all planned.

And there will be minimal follow-up commentary, so as not to a) rub it in; or b) sound like a sore loser. (As if.) (But you never can tell...I'm looking at you, Florida!)

Anyway, just vote. And let The Hotfessional preach to my choir.


  1. This is great! More comments, links, and good conversation is definitely a good thing. And 71 in NY tomorrow... That's craziness. It snowed and was in the 30s when I was in town last week!

  2. I hope the bloggy love more than makes up for the crap you got for that same post.

    Congratulations - you & your post deserve it.

  3. Just wanted to say CONGRATS... kudos well deserved for being recognized - an awesome post it was!

    Ha - I did cick right over to JOCE to see if she commented further as I enjoy your "banter" a lot!!

    Keep at the GREAT work - see you at the polls!!

  4. awe... that were sweet!! congrats.

    meh.. voting shmoting.. is it really time for it already? i'm just going to be so happy to be rid of the stupid yard signs and commercials..

  5. You earned it!


  6. you make me blush like a schoolgirl.

  7. So, YOU are all the traffic I got yesterday! ;-)

    Kisses honey. You know I think you rock.


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