Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this is serious, people. really.

First things first: I have been interviewed on a Very Important Blog called Pink Asparagus by my bloggy friend, Catherine. It is a Very Important Blog Event Catherine hosts called PenPals. And now that I'm Very Important, I am directing you over to her place to check her out.

Because she? Is totally checkoutable.

Second thing, umm, second. Have you gone to visit Elle? You know, Elle with the chocolates? Who I told you to go visit on Monday? In all the excitement about the CHOCOLATES and the CARAMELS and whatnot, I forgot to mention that adoption is near and dear to my heart because I, myself, am an adoptee. That means I was adopted, for those of you with suffix issues. So naturally, I must plug the adoption advocates. Like this:


And now on to the rest of the serious business.

I'm over halfway done baking this here baby in my belly. See me pointing? At my belly? That is what I mean by THIS and HERE.

And in a fairly short amount of time, this small person will come out and it is probably not right to refer to this new short person as Sweets for the rest of his or her life. And yes, I am saying his AND her. Because I'm just not telling you about information I don't have yet I don't want to share with you at the moment.

I found a website called Nancy's Baby Names, where you can ask Nancy, a semi-pro baby namer, what you should name your child. Fun, right? So I sent Nancy an email, and on Friday, she posted MY STORY!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! So now you and the whole rest of the internets can tell me what to name my as-of-right-now-gender-undetermined baby.

If you click here, on Nancy's Baby Names, you'll see the post where she discusses the names of the rest of my children. I know you are dying to know what their actual names are, and I swear to the Almighty I will delete you if you talk about them here. Leave Nancy a comment, too. Because comments are fun, that's why. Oh, and you may say things like I like the nice names you and the Mister have chosen for your children, and What the blazes were you thinking when you chose a name like Herkimer for the (current) baby? No wonder you call him HB!

But that is all.

Also, I may or may not be having the DETERMINING ULTRASOUND at 4 this afternoon. It is possible that I may (or may not) check back in later to let you know what flavour of bambino (or bambina) was spotted in the watery cradle that is my uterus.

Uterus. It's fun to say. Try it about six times in a row, really fast. It sounds like a horse galloping quietly. But I don't really know anything about that, so don't take me too seriously.

I'm off to make some pies. Miss O has requested a pumpkin, an apple, and also a cheesecake, but not a cheesecake pie, just a plain, old cheesecake. All of them are super easy and don't take long, except for the whole peeling the apples part, which has been made a much happier experience since I purchased an apple peeler-corer-slicer from Pam the Pampered Chef Lady.

No, that's not me. I am not a Pam. Ever. If you require some Pam in your life go to the grocery store and pick some up (I hear Pam's pretty cheap) or watch The Office.

Anyway, before I go, I leave you a challenge:
Leave a comment with your bestest ideas evah regarding what we should name the baby. I am pretty fond of a couple of Nancy's suggestions, and you can feel free to incorporate any of her ideas. (One last thing...we aren't going to name the baby Naomi if it's a girl. That's one on Nancy's list, and we have a little Naomi in our life already, so even if you love it, we're not gonna do it.)

Give us some direction to our lives! Help us name the baby!

Oh, and if you peg the gender? I'll send you a gold star. Yes I will.


  1. I guess boy. And I like Spencer.

  2. I am hoping for a girl (for you). And out of the names Nancy listed I would choose Ivy. I wasn't particularly fond of the name until I babysat for a little girl named Ivy who was absolutely adorable. It's funny how we think of people with the names in order to help determine whether we will name our children them, not that I can have a baby for another (looks at watch that doesn't exist) 15 months which means I could be preggers in 6? We'll just have to see...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You could name it Fetus. That's kind of a unisex name.

    And for the flavor of baby, I guess girl.

  5. Oh mah holy hell - all that ordering me around! I like it. ;-)

    Okay, I'm going. Geez.

  6. It's a girl... name her Charlotte and call her Charlie for short.. that way if she comes out with boy bits, you don't have to rethink the name... see how much time and stress i just saved you? you're welcome.

    (I will get my 6yo over here in a bit, after I find one of your preggo pics, and have him tell me what your baby is.. see if he agrees. he's guessed my last two..)

  7. mkay... KJ thinks your buglet is a boy. so we got our bases covered over here, one vote for girl, one vote for boy and a lovely unisex name!

    you're welcome.

    off to nancy's....

  8. Fetus, huh? That's an interesting name. When I taught in Cleveland, there were some doozies.
    --Placenta (pronounced: Plachenta. It was Eyetalian.)
    --Preciana (She was the younger sister of Precious.)
    --Jonathine (Pronounced Jah-NAY-thin, emphasis on the NAY syllable, or the child did not answer.)
    --Lemonjello and Orangejello, twins. Pronounced Lih-MAHN-zhih-loh, and o-RAHN-zhih-lo.
    --Shithead. Pronounced Shih-THAY-ed.
    I have no explanation for any of that.

  9. Haha, love the teaching days names, I had a Cherio pronounced Seaira. Yeah i'm still chewing on that one, her parents were (not a joke) illiterate.

    So anyway, I like if is a boy Nathan Reed Dayton (nevermind i didn't put Nathan Dayton together till just now, it kinda rhymes)

    So skip nathan and just use Reed. I really like that one.

    for Girl I love Natalie Paige Dayton.

    Thanks for letting us play along.

  10. ok so after looking at her list of names I completely changed my suggestions, go read over there!

  11. Okay- It's a girl and her name should be Ivy. Because Ivy Dayton would kick all the boy's asses, and not care about what girls think. And I would like her. And she could date Cade after she stops beating up boys when she's 40. Also because I would like introduce your girls as, "These are Pamela's girls, Olivia and Ivy." That just sounds good.

  12. I think it's a boy too. I love the name Davis.

    Do NOT name that baby Reed!!! Have y'all seen that little crazy on Storm Chasers? ! ? I pray for his mama constantly!

  13.'s an XY baby. Miss O is NOT HAPPY, people. And Wee Man? Really likes the goo.

    Gold stars for Catherine and That Girl.

  14. Some of these suggestions cracked me up!

    Girl: Hilary or Amelia or Abbigail

    Boy: Elijah or Diego

    Okay, these are my favorite names, becaue, I admit, they're my kids' names! :)

    I once had a student named Female. Yep. True story. She is latina and her parents, newly immigrated, didn't know what to name her, so they glanced through her hospital paperwork and saw a word they liked. They didn't know what it meant, but they liked it.

    Female (pronounced feh-mall-eh).

    And adoption is close to my heart, too. We adopted my son, and it was an amazing, beautiful experience. It still is.

  15. Oh Pamela - Congrats on "the finding out it is a boy" deal!! Little boys are awesome - as you aready know. And tell Miss O - as my BFF always tells me - she gets to be the only, truest princess of the family, and she gets to pick her "sisters", so she is the luckiest!! ... or you could just have another!!


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