Sunday, August 30, 2009

ask, and the bloggess will answer. honestly. she will.

I am guessing since it's Sunday, that you probably have nothing else to do whilst waiting for the pot roast to finish cooking. Or whatever it is that you people eat on Sunday.

(Today, we're eating grilled turkey tenderloin kabobs with sun gold tomatoes, peppers, onion, mushrooms and summer squash, with a healthy side of corn on the cob. Followed up with the most amazing chocolate cake EVAH, and you can take that to the bank, also homemade coffee ice cream. It's a big old party 'round these parts. Of the birthday variety. And no, I don't quite cook like this every single day, but all of those food items were requested by the birthday person. Who is not someone I actually blog about. So don't ask.)


Jenny the Bloggess. She has this column called Ask The Bloggess, where (duh) people ask her questions and (double duh) she answers them. Well, way back when Ask The Bloggess kicked off, sometime in April, I sent her a question.

And don't'cha know, The Bloggess came through and answered my question.

So unless you are a sibling of mine with XY going on in your DNA, you should totally click over and check it out. Unless you are easily offended by humorous wrongness, then maybe you should skip it. But if you *are* easily offended by humorous wrongness, maybe you SHOULD click over, you know, stretch your boundaries, grow as a person and whatnot.

Just a suggestion. Gosh, you're easily offended. Back off already.


  1. Was yours the boob question? I should have known.


  2. That was you? Yay! Awesome question, and an even better answer. I heart Jenny. Also, I am going to be staring at your chest every time I see you now.

  3. The Girls have been looking pretty much spectacular lately.


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