Friday, September 4, 2009

because it was so much fun the first time, a SECOND GIVEAWAY!!!

Dudes, I have an Etsy shop. Did I tell you that? What? No? And you didn't notice the pretty pictures on the right-hand side of my little blogitzerella that shows you the supersweet babywearing items I handcraft right here in Le Maison Dayton?

Oh. You have me in a reader. Well click through, for the love of Mike. Or whoever it is that you love. Seriously. I get, like, four one-hundredths of a cent when you do.

Anyway. I have this Etsy shop, called Revel Baby. It is called Revel Baby because I believe that children are a precious gift (what? don't believe everything you hear!), and The Mister and I have found that babywearing enhances our level of revel.


Digital Room is offering my supersweet readers a set of 500 superslick business cards. And also, they're offering little old me a set of 500 superslick business cards if I hostess this here giveaway. They don't even put their logo on the cards like some other companies do. Because they're classy.

I need business cards to promote my business because everywhere I go, I wear my little boys. Sometimes I wear HB and Sweets at the same time, Sweets on the front, and HB on my back. And because the baby carriers I make are SO. STINKING. FANTASTIC. everybody asks where do I get them, and where can they get one for themselves or their sister, or this girl from work who's having a baby, and I need to give them my card (that I don't really have), so that I can capitalize on my coolness.

It's all about me, you know.

And making a little extra cash, to save up for Christmas, and maybe a vacation, or something. Because it's actually about the short people. You know.

Here's how the giveaway works:
  1. Leave me a comment telling me why you need business cards. Even if you're a hooker.
  2. Leave me another comment if you're a follower of my blog.
  3. Leave me another comment if you get me in a reader.
  4. And of course, the whole dark chocolate thing still applies. I'll leave a comment for you when I get it.
This giveaway is only open to US residents, sorry about all the rest of you people. Also? The TWO winners pay shipping. In exchange for shipping, the winners get to make all kinds of choices about their business cards, size, colors, matte or glossy, and the kind of paper. There are many, many business card sizes... they even offer die cut business cards with tons of superfunky, original shapes that will really set your business card apart from all the rest.

Comments close September 10, 2009, around 9 p.m.ish.


  1. Even though I just won a super cool prize from you, I'd love to win another! Business cards would be great ting for me, because besides wedding planning and stalking blogs, I actually have a job. Or at least I'm starting one! I do early intervention for deaf and hard of hearing babies, as well as babies that have other special needs in the Syracuse area. Some cards would be great, because not a lot of people know what I do or see what I do because its mostly done in people's homes.

  2. . . . have . . .

  3. . . . you . . .

  4. . . . my Google Reader! And I wrote about you today, just a little bit.

    What would I do with business cards? Leave them on urinals next to the Chick tract the guy before me left behind, so people won't get Left Behind. And I'll be witty . . .

  5. i would most definitely use them to restock my business cards with my etsy address on there ... that i have not seemed to find the time to stock ... because i keep having to print out more business cards for the folks at the farmers market.

  6. speaking of which ... i have to go and print some more out ... which by the way ... i also get you in a reader ... but i knew that you had an etsy shop because i'm good at clicking on through.

  7. oh and did i mention that i follow you? but not REALLY FOLLOW YOU like to the grocery store and stuff ... but kinda wish i could because i think we should be good friends. which is slightly stalkerish ... but would you mind keeping me in the running for the business cards anyways? seriously ... mn is super far away from ny. even if i really do have free airline tickets.

  8. I don't really need business cards.

  9. And I'm not a hooker. Well, not anymore.

  10. And I'm one of your devout followers.

  11. I wish I needed business cards but since I don't, I vote for the saint who works with deaf babies and the hilario who wants to leave them behind in the urinals. Not deaf babies, business cards. That sounded bad. Do not leave deaf babies in urinals....please. Just business cards.

  12. 1. i need business cards to promote my michael's dental handpiece repair business. his business needs to do well so we can eat. and laying here on the desk, right next to me, is a pack of business card paper that i'm supposed to be using to print him business cards that i am supposed to design. and maybe if i win the semi-free (shipping...) cards, my brother-in-law will be inspired to design the cards, and they will look really rad and bring him lots of business. which will bring me lots of food.

  13. 2. i am a follower...of jesus. and you're blog.

  14. 3. i spelled 'your' wrong in my above comment and it bothers me. and you, dear friend, are in my reader.

  15. the contest has ended, but i'd just like to say that in addition to needing the energy to type capital letters, i also need business cards BECAUSE (there they are!) i'm not a hooker, therefore, nobody is interested in what i'm writing about and it is my destiny to be the world's most famous unknown not-a-blogger.


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