Friday, September 11, 2009

more drumrolling, yo.

I really need to figure out the whole screen shot thing so I can show you all my random integer generator results. But, seeing as how I need to go can salsa and stuff so we can eat real good stuff this winter, I'm not going to do that in the next three months.


Winner Number One is Comment Number TWO... JD! This gal is freaky lucky, yo, if you're keeping score you'll notice that she won last week's custom greeting card giveaway. I highly recommend rubbing her belly or elbows or something. (That is not me suggesting that you in any way resemble Buddha, JD, I swear.)

Winner Number Two is Comment Number Eighteen...Manda!!! Manda's freaky lucky, too, but I can personally attest to her being SUPER NICE. And she makes amazing chocolate chip cookies. Really, really amazing, soft, chewy, vanillaish, chocolate-chippy goodness. And she has good hair. So if you must hate on Manda, hate her for her good hair, not for her winning. But don't really hate on Manda, because that would be silly.

The contest folks will be getting in touch with you, ladies.

Thanks for playing!


  1. Holy Moly! Just last night I was talking to my fiance about how I needed to get myself some business cards and was drafting and e-mail to beg my boss to buy them for me! Thank you Thank you!

  2. If you are using Firefox as your web browser click on Tools, then Get Add-ons, then search for Fireshot. It makes screenshots really easy. I use it all the time. Hope this helps.

    Fresh salsa? Can I come over?

  3. wahoo!!! this is my first time ever winning a blog contest! super exciting. and now i need to go bother justin to come up with a good design for me.
    and i really want some of your salsa!
    and thanks for the lovely comments!
    you rock.

  4. since i didn't win ... will you guys just send me salsa and cookies? please?

  5. Freaky Lucky would be a GREAT name for a fast beat funk song...I'll play the bagpipes!

    Congrats to the winners! Woot!


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