Friday, September 18, 2009

friday movie night

The short people and I rocked it party style tonight.

Pizza. Cheese, pepperoni, mushroom. But I made the mistake of calling the place that puts fresh mushrooms on the pizza because I forgot they did that and I really hate fresh mushrooms on pizza, and no, I can't tell you why, but it's just wrong, that's all. Mushrooms on pizza must be from a can.


Ice cream. The super cute cups of Ben and Jerry's, and no, I'm not boycotting them because HELLO!!! Mint Chocolate Cookie and Coffee Heath Bar Crunch is all I'm saying here. Except I did not have any ice cream. But the super cute little cups had super cute tiny little spoons in the lids. The short people thought that was The Big Fun.

Also, juice for dinner. That is a Very Big Deal and also The Big Fun in our house. We have worked the shorties off their former juice addiction, and now we pretty much drink milk and water. And also bourbon, naturally, but nobody shorter than me is allowed bourbon in my house. That does eliminate lots of people, as I'm about five feet sevenish inches tall but it's more a budgetary decision than midget discrimination. What? We know a lot of short drunks.

Robin Hood. The one where he's a fox, and luckily Maid Marian is a vixen, and Prince John is a lion and cries for his mama and sucks his thumb. Guess who was most entertained by Prince John, and called him a baby throughout the entire movie? Wee Man. You know, the one who sucks his thumb and cries for his mama. Go figure.

And *THEN* because I'm clearly an addict the coolest mom ever, we watched Ice Age: The Meltdown. Guess who begged for that? HB. The one who pretends to throw fire on me because I'm mean, and then has great. BIG HUMONGO MELTDOWNS and no! don't touch him! and NO! don't do anyFING!!! YOU ARE MEAN AND I JUST WANT MY DADDY!!!!!!!!

They passed out at 10:47. All of them.

And now, it's my turn.

Two point five bushels of tomatoes and two ginormous bags of corn on the cob and a bushel of green peppers will do battle with my santoku knife in the morning. And probably in the afternoon, as well.


  1. Why would someone boycott Ben & Jerry's??

    FYI, I was rocking the Coffee Heath Bar Crunch last night, but resisted the urge to open the Mint Chocolate Cookie container. Seriously!

  2. Mushrooms from a can?! Can't do it! I love fresh mushrooms, especially on pizza!! : )

    That sounds like a great night!


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