Thursday, June 3, 2010

stalker thursday, irony edition

I have it on good authority that this person stalks me regularly.***

***Not in the creepy, illegal, stalkerish way.  
Just wanted to clarify.


  1. What is this? A week of pictures at the Dayton Time? And also...

    I agree, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

  2. Hmmm.. then I wonder what kind of Stalking are we talking about if not the typical creepy kind. I have always found any kind of stalking creepy, even the "I wanna be like you" kind.. because in most cases it ends with the "I AM going TO BE you" results.


  3. she's a truly fun and lovely person that i (clearly) know in real life. she teases me about being one of my bloggy stalkers, so i was teasing her. that's all.

    but i have had a real life Stalker, and that was just plain scary.

  4. you...are seriously funny!!! I would recognize that horrid pink hat any where... Please re-iterate again that I am the one good stalker - hahahahaha


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