Wednesday, June 23, 2010


pretties in my window

my grandma's tiny tea set

snips of thyme and a stem of sweet pea
soaking up the sunlight in my
hand-thrown pottery wildflower vase 
(i will gladly tell you where to purchase one... 
if you come to visit we can take a stroll to the potter's home)


  1. ok. i'll come. jeremy should have his schedule all figured out by this weekend. k? and he said he gets an awesome deal on the hotel they stay in there ... so we have pool options!

  2. Would that be a Jean pottery piece? I cherish her pottery sale postcards like no other. They take a prominent place on my fridge until sale day!

  3. What's up with the Chinese? Or is it Japanese? I can never tell them apart... The character's that is...


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