Friday, June 4, 2010

things unsaid

My Friend K From Up The Street came down last night to bring me chocolate chip cookies and chat about The Things and The Stuff.  She told me what she'd been up to that day, and I told her about what had kept me busy all day.

I told her about a guy I know who fell in love with a girl who has some adorable children, and how he just loves her so much and her children love him and he loves them and it's all just so stinking adorable and I was getting all animated telling this story of how it warms my heart.

What I didn't say, was that I appreciate seeing that story because I live that story in my house.  I have a guy who fell in love with me, and we had us some babies and he loves them and they love him and it's all just so stinking adorable and the living of this story warms my heart.


  1. Are you pregnant?

    And also, good job not putting pictures into a post.

    That's all. :P

  2. Warms other peoples' hearts, too...:)

  3. 'tis a beautiful thing. thanks for sharing it.

  4. So very cute. Had to smile when I read it. Still smiling.

  5. Simple and sweet. :) Its the little things that make the biggest impacts. :)


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