Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the tuesday scoop

The Mister is working second shift this week because of PAINTING!!! and BUSY!!! and DEADLINES!!! And it's kind of nice, because he gets to be around during the time of day when the short people are nicest, and because today I got to sleep in superty-late, and because the house is mostly clean and because I haven't done laundry.  And it's kind of not nice because, ummm, normal routine, where are you? Except cereal for dinner because I'm lazy is sort of refreshing.

Do you see the little roller coaster I have going on here?  Except it's driving all over my head and making me tired.  Not as tired, or the same brand of tired as I was last night after taking all of the short people to Family Night at Ye Old Pool, where we swam hard and played like a bunch of crazies for an hour and a half whilst wearing Elliott in a makeshift pool sling.  

I lost about fifty pounds last night and also I am a cripple from BOUNCING!!!! AROUND!!!! IN THE POOL!!! WITH A BABY TIED TO ME!!!! AND BOYS JUMPING ON MY HEAD!!!   I stand up with the grunting of an old, constipated granny, and my walking is more reprehensible than when I was ten point nine months pregnant with Wee Man.  

And I was reading blogs because eighty percent of my people are not home and the other twenty percent is sleeping, (and I hurt too much to anything else but lay around like a slug) and everybody's writing about babies turning one and measuring years in heartbeats, or having a complete wanker for an ex-husband and all sorts of other things that are causing my little brain roller coaster to slide around the tracks in a melancholy sort of way. 

In other news, I promised HB spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and I'm going to admit something entirely and completely horrifying to you:  I am going to purchase fake, chemical-filled meatball-ish things from the store.  And sauce, too, which is the hugest rip-off EVER and doesn't actually taste good no matter which brand you choose or how much money you pay for it.  Also, while we are at the store, I am going to purchase some of that garlic bread that comes in the foil bag and is laced with crack.  Because if you're going there, go ALL THE WAY.  

Send help.  Immediately.


  1. want to go all out?
    buy the spaghetti made by kraft in a box - where you mix tomato sauce with the sauce packet.
    so wrong. yet good.

  2. Is it possible to make meatballs from scratch? Man, thats news to me. I thought they always came premade? Kinda like croissants or pizza dough. Who would have thunk it. Now I've exposed myself for the domestic heathen that I really am.

  3. Te absolvo.

    And I helped out Gwendomamma a little bit with Paypal. Because I can.

  4. And here I am thinking that bread in a bag is hot stuff! ha! Prego traditional, with a few extra herbs and spices thrown in, that's my favorite. Yum.

  5. Wait, how do you NOT buy sauce? I mean - do you squish your own tomatos? Hard core.

    Obviously, I'm that lazy almost every day. Today I offered the daycare swim diapers instead of extra shorts because my kid doesn't have any clean shorts. It's almost the same thing, right?

  6. Once you've tasted real live pasta sauce it's pretty hard to go back. We don't do the kind like your Italian grandma did with the boiling and the boiling and the more boiling though. The stuff we make is so easy my 7 y.o. has her own recipe and often makes it for us!


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