Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mygal buried my shoe...can i hit her with my shovel?

SuperClever Person of the Day: Jill!
thunderous applause, eternal fame, whatnot

We have had a certain amount of shovel use lately, so I had to go with Jill's callback of the child violence. Good work.

Next week's "What am I saying/What the heck is going on here?" photo will feature MyGal breakin' it down, yeeeaaah.


  1. Yeah, I win, I win!!!! It was nice to "see" you at com. dinner, maybe Friday we can actually carry on a conversation....I can't wait, will you make me some of your good coffee...I'll bring the creamer (since I'm the one that needs it) Like my grandma says "be a man drink, it black" I'm such a wimp, i just can't bring myself to drink it black! See ya Friday!!!

  2. I'm no man. I have creamer.


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