Tuesday, April 8, 2008

what a day

So last night, I had some really bad abdominal pain. And by really bad, I mean I have never felt such a thing in my life, and that includes birthing my big ol' babes. They were big ones. It was bad enough I called the doctor, scheduled an appointment for tomorrow, then called back this afternoon and told them I needed to come in immediately. They sent me for a CAT scan, and the words "kidney stones" and "ectopic pregnancy" were burned into my brain. Thankfully, I am not pregnant, and there was no evidence of any kidney stones. I was given some happy pills that work AWESOME!!! And also an anti-nausea medicine, which is making me very sleepy. My doctor thinks I may have an unhappy gall bladder, and instructed me to eat a low-fat diet, and keep off the meat. That's a bummer. I like me some meat, you know.

Apologies if this post is a little wacky. I am entirely stoned right now. Legally. Stoned. I am going to bed and hopefully will feel better in the morning. I would appreciate your prayers, so thanks in advance.

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  1. Feel better girlie.

    We're thinking of you.

    =) K, M and CR


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