Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, in addition to nearly dying at the hands of a light fixture, having two fairly sick children for the last seven days, seeing my husband for a grand total of 59 minutes in the last eight days, with a projected time of 73 minutes in his presence for the coming week (and that's if the weather is good), my nose is running away from me.  And it is disgusting.

Turns out HB's health issue may or may not be RSV.  Because he doesn't have any other health concerns, the doctor decided to not test him.  Also, about half of the kids she's been testing have it, and half don't, and the treatment isn't all that different, so we just hopped on the nebulizer express and were done with it.  Except by done with it, I don't really mean done.  He's not feeling better at all.

The poor kid clings to me constantly.  In the past 24 hours, for example, he wasn't touching me for approximately one hour and 10 minutes.  When we're not camped out on the sofa, he's walking behind me sobbing, MOMMY!!!! MAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAA!!!!  HOLD ME!!!!  Also, he grunts and gestures wildly which makes my head pop and go splat.  Oh, and do not think that the following and crying is limited to one mommy, one maaaaaaamaaaaa, and one hold me.... he carries on, broken-record style until I stop what I'm doing and hold him some more.  BECAUSE THERE IS NO IGNORING THIS.

Last night was superfun, oh no it wasn't.  I gave him a nebulizer treatment hours before bed, because it's my understanding that the albuterol can make the children a little nutso.  Well, hours AFTER bedtime, HB was sitting on my bed, reading books happily (and loudly) to himself and me, and the cats, and his Moosey.  I was trying not to poke my eyes out with the pencil I'd been using to be a Sudoku whiz.  Finally, he climbed up on my head and fell asleep.

No, really.  He climbed up on my head and went to sleep.  And yes, it was very weird.*

When I was sure my neck would break if he stayed there any longer HB was sound asleep, I remedied the situation and put him in his own bed, figuring I could get at least a few hours sleep without his sweaty, germy little body being up in my space.

The Mister got home from the show a short time later, and came upstairs which coincided with HB waking up to the realization he was no longer sleeping on my head. So The Mister kindly put him back in our bed, really, it was kind to the sick child, and HB promptly climbed back up on my head and remained there until 7:13 a.m.

It was a long night.

And now I have the respiratory mung. And Wee Man is acting like he's about to get the mung. And Miss O, who missed every day of school last week, is still not feeling well. And if we are unwell, we won't be going to visit Uncle Josh and Auntie Teff and the nephews. And that blows.

Nose. It blows nose, okay?

And as much as I have enjoyed this 30 minutes of sitting in a chair, all alone, with nobody touching me, I really need to go to bed.  

I'll be back around the next time nobody's touching me.

*Clarification:  I was not sitting bolt upright in bed, I was lying down, head and shoulders propped up on two pillows, bathrobe slightly open, revealing my decolletage**

**Okay, not so much with the bathrobe, but the rest is pretty much true.


  1. I feel for ya! Grace was out 4 of the 5 days last week and probably should have been out the 5th day too truth be told. We've got the pink eye thing, but I think I'll take that over the sickies that you've got goin' on.

  2. oh no! i hope you all start feeling better soon! winter sickness sucks. (sucks lemons, that is).

  3. we are currently nebulizing every 4 hours, too.
    it sucks.
    there is really no rhyme or reason about the hyperness that ensues following it. occasionally ... my daughter falls asleep whilst receiving her treatment. occasionally, we are up for another 4 hours. usually i give it 1.5 hours before bed, with a warm bath and snack to follow ... and i'm putting her to bed later to help too. (not fun.)
    good luck.
    i totally understand the constant someone feeling.

  4. I TOTALLY hear ya. I thought about taking a bridge this past week. This is really a long virus!! We are on day 9 of this crap and it is finally starting to GO AWAY! Sleep is still rough but I am blaming that on the 2 yr old molars! Praying for you just sucks!!!

    Just so you know, instead of albuteral, see if the doctor can prescribe you xponex (pronounced zo-po-nex). It is the SAME thing, it just doesn't have the "I don't want to sleep" side effects! Cooper has been on it for a while now and I see a difference for sure!

  5. Oh, my dear, I am so sorry. I really hope this plague goes away soon!

    But if anyone could make it funny (and thereby bearable in some degree) it would be you. Well done!

    Bonus points for use of the word decolletage. A lovely word that is sadly underutilized. :)

  6. I think HB saw the cats curl up around the top of your head (they're natural sleeping position) and thought if it was good for them then it'd be good for him too.

    Sorry everyone is sick. We're just now coming out of a 2 month stint of ear infections, strep and general ick.

  7. Oh man, I'm sorry. I hope HB climbs off your head and you all feel better soon.

  8. LOL. Head sitting.
    Also, I am sorry to hear about all your troubles.

  9. Ahhh, no fun! May you all be better very soon.

    Only 55 days to go!

  10. I'm sorry that I'm sitting here laughing at you and your sick house. Get well soon, okay?


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