Sunday, February 1, 2009

a few things for a sunday

You may have seen Brother Snipes Mama hanging out in the comment section every now and again. She's one of the irl peeps I know who swings by to have a chuckle every now and again. She's also Jill's and twentysomething's auntie. Also? She's in the hospital. They're trying to figure out what her deal is, and the doctors are leaning toward some sort of cardiac issue. And people, if we know anything, we know we need to have a functional heart. So send some prayers up for her today and, well, until further notice.

Brother Snipes Mama's nephew, who is twentysomething's little brother, Justin, has pneumonia. And that is in addition to four arms-lengths of medical problems he was born with. You can pray for him, too.

And the gal I wrote about in this here post is going through some major transition. She and her daughter are moved in with her parents, and there are lots of doctors appointments happening. I know there are a lot of you who are praying for her already, so keep it up.


  1. thank you for loving my family as much as you do. we all love you in any mood you are in (in reference to today's post) very much. you have a wonderful growing family that i adore.

    also. here is my e-mail so that you can talk to me with that. however, i will let someone else enjoy the pickles ect, as i tend to be too picky in that area of foods (to my own disadvantage i assure you) and i wouldn't want it to be wasted on me :)

  2. dude I totally missed this somehow. I second what cousin Jackie said, Thanks for loving our family! you know as much as I know. so If you hear something let me know, and if I hear something I'll let you know.

  3. thanks for the prayers. Everything is OK. It turned out to not be my heart or lungs but something totally different. I appreciate you calling in the prayer warriors.


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