Thursday, February 26, 2009

i typed the title and it made no sense so now you're stuck with this

First, I should admit that yesterday's post ought to have been titled LABOUR CHECK. Or I should have thrown that in there somewhere, but I didn't. So? Sorry to get you all wound up. But believe me, each and every one of you will be the very first to know when Sweets arrives. And by the first to know? I totally mean after The Mister, the other short people, the grandparents, various nurses and doctors... etc.

But here's a clue: when you see the guest posts start rolling in? I'll be not pregnant. And boy, there are treats for you, because I have what you might call an ALL-STAR LINE-UP. If you would like to submit an application to be a superfab guest post-er, the process is very simple. Leave a comment sayin' so. And if you'd like me to throw you a topic for your guest post, I'll be happy to do that, but pretty much we're conducting us an All-Star Free For All. Heck yeah.

Now a question.

How is it possible that one day I have 78 readers and the next day I have 2 readers? And the next day I have 28 readers? What is the dilly, Feedburner? It really puts chinks in my self-esteem when you tell me 76 people stop loving me.

Or are you all just getting tired of my whining about my sick children? And the whole Gestation Thing? Because really, I can understand that. I do understand. I am pretty effing sick of it all, too. And I would totally issue myself a moratorium on the bitching and moaning, but I would never be able to abide by that, and then I would have to kick my own pregnant ass all over the place, and my midwife told me just this morning that I need to play Couch Potato for a while, without even any S.E.X. to break the monotany. Or laundry and general Cinderella duties, but I'm really and truly okay with that.

Is that even spelled right? Monotany? I'm not looking it up. BECAUSE I'M BEING A COUCH POTATO, THAT'S WHY. So there.

In other news, Miss O finally got to go to the midweek kiddy bible study thingy event she's been begging to attend for over a month. The Mister drove her over to the Baptist church in the neighboring town, and after a while he came home, saying something about weird Christian recruiting events for children with smarmy people in charge. (Wouldn't that be super awkward if you were the person I was talking about right now?) She didn't have much to say about it when she got home. But she ate a second dinner like a good little Hobbit, and hit the sack.

I had way more questions to ask, but I've since forgotten them. Sieve brain and all.


  1. I've heard it is a Blogger thing. Yours isn't the first site I've seen bemoaning the loss of followers.

    People just need to re-follow, from what I understand.

    I'm at WP so this doesn't mean much to me . . .

    And I think it's spelled "monotony"

    Glad you're still preggers, I think . . .

  2. You'll be okay, my dear, deep breath...

    Let me know when you think of those questions :)

  3. I must have been one that was following, but got lost...I am re-following you (is that a word? re-following?) Anywho...I'm here!

  4. Thanks for the up date, glad you and sweets are still "connected"

  5. ooo. the follower thing would send me over the edge. i couldn't handle thinking that i lost ANYONE. i lost one the other day ... and drove myself crazy trying to figure out who it was. (that's what happens when you only have 39 ... well ... it was 40.)
    and i'm glad to hear that you have been relieved of your cinderella duties. i would totally guest blog for you ... but my guess is you want to keep followers, huh?

  6. No sex???

    Dear God, woman.. is there no end to your suffering? I just don't know that there is a way I could abide by that rule.. thank heavens no one ever tried to impose it on me..

  7. Give me a topic and I'll guest post. ;-) But you have to supply a topic because I have sieve brain and I'm not even pregnant.

    And also? did you change your feedburner thingie when google took over? I went from 245 to 14 in, like, 6 hours.

    Oops. Can you tell I don't pay attention much?

  8. Huh oh. I came over here and thought I had missed the big event. I hate labor checks. I never imagined someone's hand could go so far up my...well, never mind. Glad all is still progressing well for you, but hope your little one arrives soon.

    I'm available to guest post if you get desperate. :)

  9. nobody reads my blog.

    I just mentioned you in a comment after today's post because I'm a tool and forgot to include you in the actual post.

    When are you due?

    I'll be a guest poster, but that actually scares me. PRESSURE to perform.


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