Friday, February 20, 2009

good to know

Miss O, HB and I were in the car, probably headed to or from an appointment with the doctor, because it's that kind of winter, that's why, when Miss O used her serious voice to get my attention.

Mom. Mom.

Not turning around (because, ummm, hello, I was driving!), I said, Yes, O?

Mom. Did you know that you can get phone service with Vonage for twenty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents a month? That's not bad for a phone company.

Alrighty then.

*Please do not assume from the content of this post that the dayton time has any opinion whatsoever about Vonage or the services it provides. However, should Vonage really, really want an honest opinion, I can be reached at thedaytontime(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss free or discounted phone service.


  1. ha! what a helpful little pennypincher you have =)

  2. I've often pondered how they can do that myself....Vonage, where did they get that name from?

  3. the power of advertising is not lost on our young ones...

  4. So is she full-time or part-time at Vonage? Either way, she should be paying her share of the household expenses, with a marketing gig like that...

  5. That's hilarious. We're on the same wavelength because I was trying to write a post about my five-year-old pitching the Twin Draft Guard to me in the car. It's that thing that goes under your front door to keep out the cold air. The commercial must be on quite a bit because, like Miss O., she knows it verbatim. It's possible that I may let my kids watch a smidge too much TV.


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