Monday, February 16, 2009

i can't decide what i think about this.

I am not an ad-clicker.  I'm just not.  Because why?  I'm not going to buy anything, and I don't want to be tempted to buy anything, and I pretty much hate ads (apologies, Stiletto Mom, I'm sure I'd like your ads if I ever met one.)

But today?  I clicked.

What was it that caught my attention?

HORIZONTAL CORDUROYS.  Cordarounds.  They make other products, not just horizontal cords, like seersucker pants and smoking jackets.  Smoking jackets?  Are hawt.  And don't even argue with me.

There is good photography.  Lots of good photography.  And for the lucky few who are citizens of Greenland?  Free shipping!  I don't know of any other company offering free shipping to Greenland, not that I've researched it, but I'm willing to make a bet that there aren't many.

I've been distracted by the photography and the free shipping to Greenland despite being a resident of New York State.*

The point here?  Horizontal?  Do I like the idea of horizontal cords?  I don't even know.  The thought of thousands of horizontal stripes going around and around my thighs and my calfs and my ass... oh dear... I hadn't thought of the roundy-round stripes circumnavigating the globes of my ass until this very minute!
Where are Clinton and Stacy when I need them?**

And WHY?  Why the horizontal orientation?  What is it about horizontal that makes a difference?  I should probably be sending the Cordaround fellas an email and not actually posting, but I know a few of you would be shocked and intrigued with the idea.  And far be it from me to spare you shock and intrigue.

I think I will just email the Cordaround peeps the url to this post.  Maybe they'll come around and answer all my questions.  Maybe they'll send me a pair to try, because I loves me some cords.  Maybe they'll want to send me a pair to try and a pair to give away!  Wouldn't that be fun?  Because I know we all haven't had enough giveaway action around here lately.***

* I read a blog post on the ABC News website today that quotes ourveryown New York Governor David Patterson whining about Saturday Night Live making fun of him being blind.  And it rankled me considerably.  How did he miss the part where they were making fun of him for being a bad governor with horrible ideas?  How did that not offend him?  You're a package deal, Sir, a bad governor who happens to be blind.  There's nothing you can do about being blind, maybe you should shift your focus (that was not a blind joke, I swear) to BEING A GOOD GOVERNOR AND STOP PULLING IDEAS OUT OF YOUR ASS.  Also?  SNL makes fun of everyone.  Get over it.

**This is not the first time I've needed Clinton and Stacy, and I would MOST GRACIOUSLY AND EAGERLY accept any guidance they have to offer.

***Okay, I'll admit it, we've had enough with the giveaway action this week.  But next week is completely open.  March, even, I could totally squeeze you guys into the month of March.  You don't even have to contact my people, you could just contact me.  My people are really short, and they don't negotiate well, it's all ME! ME! ME!, and that's just hard to deal with.


  1. Really enjoyed my visit to your blog! And congrats and good luck with the pregnancy!! Seeing your bump took me back to four years ago when I was heavily pregnant with my twin boys ooouuucchhh, I just couldn't wait to get those little wrigglers out! LOL. Mandy x

  2. I'm fairly certain that Cordarounds are part of Lucifer's evil plan to bring about the Apocalypse one unflattering garment at a time.

  3. I would love to have Stacy and Clinton come around... I already know they would make me visit the bra lady - and I would so happily spend their 5k, gladly allowing them to throw out all my sweats!! BUT - I am most certain they will not allow me to purchase any horiz. stripes!!

    Your funny!!

  4. grammer police - sorry - "YOU'RE"

  5. Sister, I would squee with delight if someone approached me with a camera on the street and asked me to describe my personal style. That would mean I would be appearing on WNTW soon!! I beg Jeremy to nominate me every Friday night. He's thinking about it. He's sure that Nick Oroggio is a troll and he wants to see it for himself.

  6. horizontal cords? that's wrong on about 17 different levels.

    Although would they swish? Can you make believe your (and by 'your', I mean 'my') thighs are not rubbing together if they don't swish?

  7. i'm kinda liking the horizontal cords. at least on screen...maybe it was those fantastic pictures though.
    those lucky greenland-ers. they get everything.

  8. I love that the pictures of the smoking jackets have human hands and NO heads.

  9. Wouldn't horizontal lines make our legs look bigger? Strange...


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