Tuesday, February 3, 2009

even my conservative crunchy friends can get behind this

The Washington Post printed an article this morning referencing an interview of President Obama by Matt Lauer regarding the Food and Drug Administration.  President Obama was quite critical of the FDA's total miss on the recent Salmonella In The Peanut Butter Event based in a Georgia processing plant...also the Great Spinach Crisis of '08, as well as the Poison The Babies With Nasty Formula Campaign, and Oh Wait, Let's Kill Puppies, Too, While We're At It.

The New York Times also had some great articles about the whole Salmonella In The Peanut Butter Event, but for some reason freaking Firefox hates me this morning. If it starts playing nice, I'll update later.

One of the NYT articles was about how federal regulators had to ask the peanut plant's permission before declaring a recall on the tainted products. Are these people kidding us? Kids are very sick and dying and the PEANUT PEOPLE GET TO DECIDE IF THERE'S A RECALL????? I don't think so, Tim.  Why should a federal agency, charged with policing the safety of food (and drugs, but that's a whole 'nother kettle for a whole 'nother day) have to NEGOTIATE RECALLS WITH MANUFACTURERS?  It's wrong.  

Hopefully this will start a "from the top" look into the non-credibility of the FDA and also re-evaluate the function and capacity in which the FDA operates...less lobbying, more usefulness.  We can only hope.


  1. Try this link for the Peanut Recall Debacle in the NYT.

    Hope all is well.



  2. um, YEAH, wtf on this one, FDA. I don't get it.

  3. Pam, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your comments in my defense.

    And don't you make your own peanut butter? I'd love to try that sometime.


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