Tuesday, March 9, 2010

addicted much?

We have a teensy problem with a certain short person in our home. Alright, it's not teensy at all, it's freaking ginormous, and I'm worn the hell out from all the SCREAMING!!! and WHINING!!!! and I'M NOT YOUR LOVEY ANYMORE!!!

Said Short Person is totally addicted to playing games on WebKinz. And yes, I realize that I allowed Said Short Person to play in the first place, I understand that I should have set better boundaries and kept to them.

But sweet and merciful heavens, WebKinz aren't real animals. Getting a gem? Who the EFF cares. If Said Short Person was bring me a REAL, TANGIBLE, SHINY gem, well then I might feel a little differently, you know, covering room and board and whatnot. And Zingoz? What are those? And what are they saying? Does anybody know?

The worst are the little Kinz-amated music videos. There's one with a catchy hook, and it starts out all nice and bop-ish, but turns a corner and ends up in a dark alley screaming MOUSTACHE LOUIE!!!!

People are getting paid to write crap like that. Wretched, wretched bile.

I'm contemplating a bit of a screen detox. And by bit, I mean until the whining stops. A few days, a week, a month, four years... whatever. The only thing holding me back is that Said Short Person will do anything I ask in order to earn a turn.

For example, at this very minute? Said Short Person is unloading the dishwasher and putting the dishes away. Said Short Person has also been known to move laundry from washer to dryer to folding area, bring laundry downstairs to be washed, shovel the sidewalk and eat unpleasant vegetables.

A screen detox means I will have to do all the work myself. And people, I do NOT enjoy the shoveling, I do not enjoy emptying the dishwasher and especially I do not enjoy putting wet laundry in the dryer.

Guess it's time to break out the Big Girl Panties. Parenting is not for pansies.


  1. So SSP will do anything Mommy asks for turn?


    Try this: "You can have a turn to play if you will stop playing now."

    Mess with the head, hehheh

  2. Don't wait four years because those f-ers at Webkins make you buy a whole new animal just to get back in to see your old ones. We didn't log in for a few months and now poor Ponyback and Froggie are lost in the house without food or someone to give them love...for christ's sake. We need to buy more to access our account. Yea, right.

    Love your writing style, I'll be back.

  3. Oh, yuk. Kids stay hooked on those silly things forever. Why not set up a private blog for the SSP and let them use a little digital point and shoot to add pictures? Then you can invite family members to read and comment. An addiction that SSP will derive some skillz from?

  4. :P I don't know WHY but this made me think of you...

  5. i feel for you. that is exactly why we have not allowed the webkinz.
    but maybe to get those chores completed i should consider it.
    and by the way hanna's comment really made me laugh.


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