Friday, March 26, 2010

baring it all

Whilst whittling away at my blog reading, I headed over to Lora's Fiery Palace. And darned if I wasn't completely fascinated by her post about handwriting. I love looking at handwriting. I love my handwriting. Except when my hands are hurting, then it is very sloppy and then I don't love it. My hands hurt quite a lot, so it's very handy, this whole Getting To Type Pretty Much All My Correspondence Thing.

Here are the rules for the handwriting game.

The Rules:
write the following
1) Your name/blog name.
2) Right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
3) Favorite letters to write.
4) Least favorite letters to write.
5) Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6) Write the following words in capital letters:
7) Write your favorite song lyric.
8) Tag people!
9) Any special note or picture.

Mine was written on a regular sized sheet of paper, folded in half, so on a quarter sheet of paper, in case you are wondering how actually large I write.

And hello, there, run-on sentence. How are you today?

Hope you love The Aquabats. They are the rockingest.


  1. see ... i knew you and i would get along.
    i LOVE looking at people's handwriting. (i'm going to have to play too.)
    seriously ... it was my favorite part about getting a package from you ... seeing your handwriting in person. (well ... and all of the fun baby clothes that we have USED and USED and USED!)

  2. Pretty new background!

    Okay, now that that's out of my system...oh, handwriting! I have spent many a wasted 10 minutes just figuring out how to write things differently.

  3. We should do the living room up like this!

  4. I like looking at peoples' handwriting. Mine has gone downhill, though, since I do more typing than writing. Yours looks purdy.

  5. I also love your handwriting. And reading your blog. And your lovely new look.

  6. I love your writing, it looks like your voice. YOur real one I mean, not your "voice" that's here on the blog.

    I love you, Pammy. I love YOU.


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