Saturday, March 27, 2010

one whole year

One year ago today, I woke up at 5:10 a.m. My abdomen hurt. My pelvis ached. I thought to myself, I wonder if I should call my midwife. I have been having contractions regularly for three days straight. Nah, I'm not due for another two weeks, and that doesn't even take into consideration that the other three were about two weeks late. Besides, if I call her at this hour of the day and complain because my vagina hurts? I'll probably get smacked at my next appointment.

So I didn't call. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom just like every other pregnant lady, and went back to bed. I laid there for a while, aching, feeling a little bit off, and as much as I was able, I tossed and turned.

At 5:30 a.m., I got back out of bed and went to the bathroom. Again. And oddly enough, the toilet was INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE. So I sat there until it stopped being comfy, at which point I stood up, and leaned on the sink. It felt nice (nicer) to sway back and forth, so I did that for a while.

I was jarred from my swaying stupor by an odd noise. I stopped, listened. What was that? I became irritated. Who was making that ridiculous mooing noise? Somebody was awake and being loud and God help them I was not in the mood.

Get it? MOOD? I slay me.

The moo-er was me. I was mooing. Why was I mooing? Right! I was having a baby. In my bathroom. This, my friends, was not expected. Well, naturally I *expected* to have a baby, sometime, someplace else, not RIGHT THEN and not IN MY BATHROOM.

I woke The Mister. I called the midwife. I called my MIL. The Mister woke up, the midwife didn't, the MIL ran up the street. Seven minutes after arriving at the hospital, and without a single contraction, wee Elliott emerged with two fantastic pushes. The ER doc standing at the end of the bed told me to wait, so I horrified him by cranking out my babe and a horde of gypsy 'roids.

And now he's one.
He laughs.
He pats his head when he wants his blanket.

He loves to be held close.
Loves the sling.

He is a complete mama's boy, but loves his daddy like crazy.

His sister is his very best friend
in the entire world
he will not go to bed at night
he has been held one more time by her.

He has the oddest crawl of any child I've ever seen.
He cruises the furniture.

He applauds himself.

He is chill and happy and healthy,
and sure I'm biased,
but he's the most adorable creature
on the face of this earth.

And now he's one.


  1. And he just made my Sunday morning. *sniff* Bless you all :)

  2. And he's going to have teeth soon! Look at the buds in that last pic!

  3. aw, happy happy birthday precious one! and i love your new bloggy look! =)

  4. Those eyes! Those blue blue eyes. Happy Birthday sweetie!

    Love the new look.

  5. It has already been a year? Holy cow.

    And I didn't realize your labor was so different from most. Especially the mooing part!

  6. Happy Birthday! Site looks good. Check your email Sis

  7. Happy birthday, little man! And happy give-birthday day to you! Enjoy your day.

  8. happy birthday :-)


  9. What a smile! And what a set of eyes! You're a lucky little man in so many ways. Happy Birthday!!

  10. A lovely birth story by a lovely mamma with lovely baby.

  11. Wow! He is the most beautiful, sweetest baby - I have a feeling that he will be a delight to raise.

  12. Yep, you and The Mister make some eatable kids.


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