Tuesday, March 30, 2010

that whole lemons/life thing.

All I did was go to the fabric store to get elastic thread (yes! it's an actual thing!) and also to pick up some fabric to make her a supercool springy skirt in the sort of colors that make me think of her, and you know, get some snaps and new sewing machine needles because apparently you should replace them more frequently than they break (I know! Who knew!).

Upon my return, I have discovered that my mouse and keyboard and general computer area are covered with a thick coating of lemonade.

I ask you, what does one do when life hands you lemonade instead of lemons?

I think you know what to do.


  1. Add some vodka, put it in the freezer until slushy, then drink it!

  2. I got the cursor un-stuck. Getting the keyboard tray un-sticky is going to take a little longer.

  3. hmmmm....make a skirt?

    (as soon as the chick sends you her damn measurements)


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