Thursday, March 18, 2010

there are some things i know you'd rather i refrained from discussing.

I'm listening to a bunch of seriously badass Celtic music on the local Classical music station. There's even tap dancing. It rocks. Except now? Eine Kleine Nachtmusick. No thanks.

I got myself all hooked up with TweetDeck, and it's nice and all, but it makes a weird noise whenever somebody I follow tweets. I'm feeling a little bit meh about it. Also, it make my brain have a hard time paying attention.

It's news that Dennis Kucinich is supporting the healthcare bill. Really? Who actually cares? That guy is a freaking whackjob, and no, I didn't vote for him when I had the chance.

My phone is gone. So it would be great if any of you who have my phone number would begin calling me at 9 a.m. Eastern time and keep redialing until I answer. Thanks.

I am engaging in a celebration of womanhood today. This involves calling my friend K and whining, saying things completely wrong then crying about it, lamenting the lack of proper chocolate, and intermittent moaning and groaning because it's just absolutely necessary when, well... I'm sure you know what I'm talking about by now, and seriously, if you don't? I just don't know what to say to you.

Also? It's been a while, and I am just getting used to this whole Celebrating Womanhood Thing, so don't call me a whiner or I'll probably punch you and cry. Or cry and punch you. Either way.

Antonio Banderas has been named a UN Ambassador To Slash Poverty With A Sharp Sword Whilst Talking Sexy. Maybe that's not the exact title, but I give that two thumbs up. In other news, I've taken the liberty of naming Colin Firth Ambassador To Entertain Cranky Menstrual Womanhood-Celebrating-BloggaMamas Whilst Talking All Sexy British. Registration for service can be obtained by leaving extremely clever and flattering comments in the appropriate place.

I haven't forgotten about answering the questions you asked me here, I just think that maybe I better not write about actual meaningful things during The Middle of My Womanly Celebration. My friend K From Up The Street talked me down from the post I had planned about Wee Man's preschool field trip today. It was SO AWESOME IN MY HEAD. And the pictures are fantastic, too. Bling and hairy fingers and videotapes and more bling and back hair and suddenly I've realized that I didn't tell you that The Mister wore his kilt to work yesterday . You should really click on wore his kilt to work yesterday.

That realization has nothing to do with back hair and everything to do with MY HUSBAND WEARS A KILT. A woman at the church dinner remarked to him that she thought he was wearing a skirt. I raised my eyebrows at her and snorted, BECAUSE I WEAR THE PANTS AROUND HERE. And yes, I did verify with The Mister and My Friend K From Up The Street that the comment was both funny and inappropriate, and not just the latter.

And finally, I am sad to say that my Saint Patrick's Day celebrating consisted of drinking a terrible beer. It pretty much tasted the same as licking the inside of the refrigerator. Please take me very seriously when I say you should avoid both bad beer and licking the refrigerator.

That is all. Because ohmygoodlord, isn't that enough?


  1. One time someone who will remain nameless told me that I should feel lucky, because at least we don't have to go hang out in some sweat lodge until we're "cleansed" again. *SMACK*

    But, uhm, congratulations?

    Give your friend K from up the street a big hug for me. But can we please talk you back up to the blog post about the preschool trip? I want to know why hairy fingers triggered a discussion about your husband in a kilt.

  2. I'll stay over here, then, safely out of swinging range.

    If I don't forget, I'll try calling you today.

    And the kilt? Yeah, that rocks :)

  3. i typed this already ... but there was some blogger error or something couldn't be processed and that's just my way of saying i would never think i was funny enough to comment twice. but here is what i said the first time.
    he totally rocks the kilt. your beer was probably better than the wine that was consumed here (it had hints of kool-aid) and then i realized the wine probably WAS better than licking the inside of the fridge. and do you really want me to start calling?

  4. And here I am in month six of "I don't do that anymore-hood" The kilt just rocks.

  5. 'Cause I was needing the chuckles.

  6. LOL.
    Holy funny wearing the pants comment P-money.

  7. this post was so bad it lost me followers.
    i don't understand.

  8. Love the random post! And your husband wearing s kilt? HOT! But don't worry, my heart still beats for you ;o)

  9. You can make that noise on Tweetdeck go away... It was annoying my wife so I had to make it go... Oh and Im now following you on twitter too. Happy Friday!


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