Thursday, March 11, 2010

overheard, and also, awwww.

Scene: Wee Man crying hysterically. Sitting in time out, one stair up from the bottom. Enter HB.

HB: I'm sorry, Wee Man.

Wee Man: (sniffling) You didn't hurt me. I hurt you.

HB: That's okay.

Wee Man: (yelling) NO!!! IT'S NOT OKAY!!!!! IT'S NEVER OKAY TO HIT!!! I HIT YOU AND I'M SORRY!!!!

HB: THEN YOU BE IN TIME OUT, MISTER. AND YOU SIT ON THE STAIRS. (pause) And I am still your best friend.



  1. From "Yo Gabba, Gabba: Outtakes, Goofs and Oops!, Vol. 1"

    Seems as if lessons have been taken to heart all around :)

  2. HB is trying to be kind, and Wee Man is trying to have his moment of drama! Those are the times when you know you have done your job well.

  3. LOL. That's great. Kids say the darndest things. Looks like you're doing a great job as a mom.

  4. I love the way HB will simply put himself to bed when he's been naughty.


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